Hard to Believe

Hard to Believe

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China is one of the countries with the largest number of organ transplants per year. Although the statistic sounds noble, very little is known about the source of these organs. There have been rumors of criminals being tortured and killed so their organs can be harvested and used for medicine. In fact, Chinese law allows organs to be taken from prisoners sentenced to death. This was not a common practice, however, because serious prisoners were not healthy enough to be ‘donors’.

The reality is that prisoners of conscience are being forced to submit to rigorous physical exams to determine if their organs are healthy enough to be harvested. It’s not voluntary and anesthesia is rarely used.

A prisoner of conscience is a person who has been imprisoned for holding religious or political beliefs that are not accepted by the government.

In 1999 there was a crackdown of a new belief system and religious movement that the government saw as a threat: Falun Gong. This movement grew exponentially within a few years. Followers were given the opportunity to recant, but those who didn’t were forced into Chinese labor camps. There are probably between half a million to a million prisoners of conscience detained at any given time. The number is staggering and hard to believe for most.

By 2000 Falun Gong practitioners were disappearing in mass numbers, at the same time Chinese hospitals began promoting their organ transplant expertise around the world. What made Falun Gong organs so attractive was their healthy lifestyle; they do not drink nor smoke. These prisoners are extremely valuable to the system because when you think about it, it’s pure profit.

By some estimates, over 40,000 people might have been killed for their organs in a six-year period. This does not add up with the numbers of criminals sentenced to death that are being executed. It is clear that the organs are being harvested from people detained at the labor camps because of their beliefs.

The Chinese Communist Party has done everything within its power to stop the international community from finding out about these crimes. That is one of the main reasons that nobody from the outside was allowed to enter the country to help fight Covid-19.

History changes when good people take a stand. This is a moral issue that must be addressed. Watch this thought-provoking documentary now.

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