Mischief: Circumcise Me?

Mischief: Circumcise Me?

64 minutes 6.56/10 based on 32 votes

Mischief is a documentary series aimed at illuminating serious issues in new and unusual ways. It gets to the heart of contemporary domestic issues and turns them upside down and inside out.

To be circumcised or not to be circumcised? This is the question Mischief tries to answer. Most American men are circumcised, whereas Brits prefer to keep their foreskin intact. So is it better to be circumcised or not? Is it healthier? Sexier? Or are circumcised men and their lovers missing out?

Released 15 Jan, 2006. 60 min. Producer/Director: Christopher Sykes. TV documentary.

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6.56/10 (32 votes)

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39 responses to “Mischief: Circumcise Me?”

  1. Roy says:

    Interesting doc. This subject has always been a bit of a mystery to me. The one thing I find a bit ludicrous , though, is the comparison made between male and female circumcision. It may make you feel all warm and fuzzy and liberal to put them on the same equal level but in reality its like comparing a hair cut to a beheading.

    • sam says:

      look at it this way. Both “procedures” are done without the person consent are are excruciatingly painful whether you can admit it or not. Both are mutilating flesh for the sake of tradition or ritualistic purposes only and both aren’t necessary. That is why they are comparable.

  2. Lovin Cut says:

    I have always prefered circumcised men, maybe because I am used to it. As long as an uncircumcised penis is kept clean and does not have too much extra skin to chew on then I am sure it would do the job too.

    • Horrified says:

      Well hopefully you will find plenty of men who have been butchered for your pleasure, preference and comfort. People like you that promote this barbaric practice all need a good wake up call.

      • Man says:

        How the hell is it barbaric? Seriously?
        One can be for or against circumcision, but it’s certainly not barbaric! LOL, beheading and cutting limbs with stone axes is barbaric, get your sh*t together.

        I guess you’ve come across many girls preferring “the cut”, hence your crying.

        • gerry says:

          Not only is it barbaric its also totally unnecessary and against the norm of the human condition. I suspect the irrational and unhealthy obsession for hygiene is behind such practises especially in N, America. The ad men leading a nation around by the nose yet again. Make people feel guilty about being less than pristine to sell their products and hey presto…you can actually make them chop a piece of their nob off…incredible!

          • Maestra Sierra says:

            “its the modification of an unwitting persons physicality on the basis of ‘preferences’ of another”

            Does that mean you’re against cosmetic surgery as well? Women who enlarge their breasts do so because society has told them and men since childhood that larger breasts are better. Would you call plastic surgery barbaric because people are told that one is better than another and etc. Seriously, you’ll be a hypocrite sh!thead if you say that breast enlargement is ok but circumcision isn’t… when in fact both are products of “preference” of a superficial society. I bet you…you’ll still go after larger breasted women and could careless of the smaller ones, even though those with smaller breasts are more faithful and less likely to treat you like cr@p (because they don’t see themselves as all that).

            BTW I could careless about a mans’ wee wee. As long it does the job of pleasing me I could careless skin or no skin.

            • Tora Spigner says:

              If an adult woman wants to have a boob job, she has that right. No one has the right to change a child’s body to what they find aesthetically appealing, THAT is barbaric.

        • Billy says:

          @Man How is it barbaric? Are you for real? You probably don’t have a penis or a soul so I supposed you wouldn’t understand.

          • gerry says:

            Its barbaric because a) it is totally unnecessary b) it is the actual physical act of removing a part of someones body without giving them the choice (usually done at birth) c) its the modification of an unwitting persons physicality on the basis of ‘preferences’ of another

          • Man says:

            I am serious. It’s done by modern surgical tools under supervised and clean conditions, sometimes for health reasons (e. g. foreskin too tight) and sometimes performed on teens/adults willing/needing to have the procedure done to better their lifes.

            The problem is doing it for religious reasons and for children, which is plain stupid, but not barbaric. I suppose vaccinating babies is also too much for you.

        • Keith says:

          If you don’t want your own foreskin, go ahead and get it cut off, I hope you are happy with the result. But leave baby boys, and girls, alone to grow up with intact genitals. Just as tattooing, breast surgery, castration, etc are forbidden for minors, and for very good reasons, so should genital mutilation. Wait, the genital mutilation of minors is already banned, but in the case of boys, the authorities are too gutless to prosecute the perpetrators.

  3. mtw1984 says:

    Could someone please upload this video onto YouTube?

  4. terry chambers says:

    lubrication is not required for the uncircumsized. It also adds somewhat to the girth. Ask your mothers not to have it done unless you live in a place where bathing is not routine.

    • Tora Spigner says:

      if circumcision was painless, which it isn’t, we still don’t have the
      right to make that decision about another person’s body. Your son will
      be the one to live with the decision his parent’s made. He will live
      with that decision every day of his life, whenever he pees, has an
      erection, masturbates,or has a sexual encounter! That alone should make
      you pause, do you want to make a decision that will alter that man’s
      personal, professional and sexual life forever because you did not give
      him the choice about his own body?

  5. Skuggi says:

    I believe this is because mothers of certain religions suckle on the penis of own infants and young sons to pacify them.
    Add that to poor sanitation and the dirty foreskin must go.

  6. Maestra Sierra says:

    To me it is ridiculous. Just as female genital mutilation is fond upon so should the male equivalent.

    Now don’t misunderstand me, male circumcision is by no means the EXACT same thing as female circumcision. Males don’t give birth through their wounded penis and the penis actually heals better than the inside of a females’ vagina. The vagina is moist and dark in there, perfect for bacteria and other nasties to thrive; whereas the penis is out in the open which gets air and it is dry, thus faster healing process. Also circumcised men still experience orgasms and sexual satisfaction; whereas for the women it is nothing but pain and continuous open wounds and infections. To say male circumcision is the same as female the penis has to NEVER heal at all and every time the man has sex it will be like sticking his thing into a blender, nothing but pain and the wounds keep opening up.

    With that said, my vagina can’t tell the difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis. She really doesn’t care as long as the penis is long and really thick, she is happy. :) However, when it comes to aesthetics… circumcised penises will always win. …and before men complain about looks doesn’t matter, they ought to look at their high expectation list over how their woman ought to look like. I bet those fantasy women don’t have enlarged minoras (inner vagina lips) or stretched out Labias (outter vagina lips) or damaged vagina canals due to child birth or because they’re born that way. Lets not be two faced about how we all have expectations on how our mates ought to look and feel.

    Another thing, I’m also completely against forcing a sex and gender (they’re different; one is biological -sex- and the other is social – gender) upon a newborn who is born intersex (hermaphrodite to those who don’t know the inner cultures’ term). That is why I would pick colors like yellow or green for my babies. I don’t know they’re true sex and gender identity. Who am I to force illogical ideals into my child? Yes I do think the whole thing of … if you’re a girl, you HAVE to be feminine and if born a boy, you HAVE to be masculine… is UTTER nonsense (BS if you will). I’ll let my kid pick. That’s what indigenous tribal people have been doing for so long and it works— otherwise there wouldn’t be a such thing as tribal communities at all.

    I think people ought to leave their bodies alone. Of course if I’m against this idea of body modification, I too have to disagree with shaving, make-up, deodorants, cutting ones hair, cutting ones nails, etc because those too are modifying ones body to suit some crazy bs ideology forced upon us since childhood… dogma and indoctrination anyone? People may disagree with me, but just as circumcision is done mainly due to tradition, so would be shaving (which can be painful and end up infectious if not cleaned properly)), waxing (painful/infections too), wearing poisons to enhance and beautify oneself (make-up), perfume, deodorants, push ups, high heels, etc. If you’re going to go against one set of tradition that is causing harm, you might as well not be a turd hypocrite and attack all of these ridiculous traditions as well. After all what all these have in common is that they all do harm to ones body, mind and soul just to fit some lie that was made up.

  7. EducationalFoolism says:

    what right does anyone have to judge a CULTURE?
    who the fuck are you ? you know who you are , but if other people would disrespect and judge you how would you feel ?
    circumsion is not for sex or aesthetics but as a reminder of who you are deep inside.
    for non-jews not understandable as this is not part of their culture.
    but imagine, how would you respond as a american if your right to feast on hamburgers and other unhealthy mass-consumption junk would get denied becuase some people think it is inhumane to slaughter uncountable mases of animals ?

    let eachother live in peace and focus on the REAL problems !
    theres a couple good docs out there about modern and child slavery.
    thats is something worthy of your time as you can actualy make a difrence just by informing yourself.

    i wish you all a splendid day.
    and remeber kids : there is nothing under the sun that wont come to light sooner or later

    btw maestra sierra,
    there is no such things as hermaphrodite in a newborn child.
    it is something they get spoonfed.

    • Stain says:

      >what right does anyone have to judge a CULTURE?
      who the fuck are you ?

      I think the issue here was not so much interfering with cultures, but rather defending the rights that members who are born in to those cultures have over their own bodies. Fortunately, Abraham wasn’t told to cut off his left foot.

      Another concern is that we are mistreating our own kind. Animals be damned if we can’t be ethical to our own children.

    • Aubrie says:

      This IS a real problem. I have no problem with culture so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of the voiceless. Are you ok with the genital mutilation of little girls? It is someone’s “culture” after all. If it’s a reminder of who you are deep inside that’s fine as long as YOU chose it. No one has a problem with adults consenting to their own circumcision. It’s when it’s forced on a child that it becomes unacceptable.

    • James says:

      Take your religious beliefs that butcher those who are helpless to choose for themselves and piss off with them. I don’t give a shit if you’re Jewish or whatever. It’s wrong, PERIOD.

  8. (Not Going To Put In My Usual) says:

    My partner of 6 years is circumcised however I have experienced being with both “types” of men. The absolute truth that I would never mention to him is that an uncircumcised penis is a more pleasurable one for me. If it comes down to two dicks, both the same sized, one circumcised and the other not, I would prefer the uncut one. It simply has better natural function.
    If we were to have a son, I know even now that I would be against him being circumcised. My boyfriend however would probably like him to “look like daddy.” This I think is sad due to the fact that he would be making a decision based not knowledge but tradition; not on happiness, but aesthetics..
    A natural dick works because it just does. A cut dick, well sure it looks “pretty” (cuz we live in a world of Ken dolls and cencorship, similar to the issue of labia minora in females and soft porn mags) but it only works if you make it work (and that’s about technique + lube)
    Men aren’t improving anything by surgery. Only buying into the selling a product to cause the need of another product. money money money. (at the expence of good dick)

  9. Skuggi says:

    The business of selling the foreskin to big pharma,
    is very good.
    Israel, by far the biggest supplier.
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  10. Docwhore says:

    Why do people hate the jews so much? isn’t it a control and power thing? (non rhetorical questions cough) Well with that in mind just think about the percentage of doctors that are jews in the states and then you do the math. The jews have a lot of money and power and the states backs them in religious wars even. Of course this is a religious thing…. Weather your a jew or not they want you to be one and your just a puppet for being manipulated and cut!

    Another thing to consider is population control and men not being able to climax that easy if at all when they get older. (guys at 30 years of age yet,, that’s friggen sad and that alone takes your man hood away if chopping of part of your cock didn’t already) Also little kids masterbating and that being an unholy thing and it was used to combat that. Circumcision never started off as an aesthetic thing, just look at David in the doc, being the ideal figure and beauty of a man. Further more, what woman has ever asked a guy if he was cut or not and actually cared? Only a slut or hooker would because condoms don’t stay on as good and they sleep around a lot and don’t want to take the chance of catching something. My brother had it done to his kid because he was cut and his kid cried for weeks! An otherwise normal baby ends up being a colicky baby and mentally scared for life. “Colicky babies and circumcision, the unseen horrors” You would need another doc on that subject alone.

  11. Keith says:

    The male stripper was right, the loss of sensitivity may not show up when the man is young, but after 40 the loss is obvious, and at 60 it is so complete that I cannot orgasm in intercourse. All because a middle-class doctor persuaded my mother that circumcision would cure the rheumatic fever I was suffering from. It didn’t. But it has impacted on my marriage, no intercourse for over five years, I haven’t orgasmed after an hour of thrusting, and she is sore and I’m unhappy. Even in masturbation it takes a long time and I often give up because nothing is happening.

  12. James says:

    @Maestra Sierra Seriously? You’re comparing circumcision to breast enlargement, which is NOT forced upon women, but chosen. You’re obviously a moron.

  13. george says:

    I was not circumsized at birth, but playing outside in shorts, and showering only twice a week (bad times economically) was causing a lot of inflammations. I decided to be circumsized at the age of 8 years. This was done in a hospital, by a surgeon, and took about 10 days to heal completely. Well, no more inflammations, and for a couple of years I became the champion of long distance peeing contests…

    • Keith says:

      Even when times are hard, and I’ve been through a few in my 65 years, there is no excuse for not keeping clean. Getting the most sensitive part of your penis cut off, so that you don’t have to wash it, seems to be a poor deal. Most men in Europe still have their foreskin, but infections are uncommon.

  14. DocLover says:

    A circumcised penis is by far nicer. My partner is circumcised and I’ve been with uncut, and to me it look gross, tastes gross (even after being washed) and I dislike everything about uncut. It has nothing to do with religion, I just prefer my man cut ! Our son is being circumcised, and so be it. No issues with my man or I. We agree as physicians that it is healthier, cleaner and less exposure to UTI’s. We know the facts, and as per george’s statement (below), he had alot of issues with his own penis as a child with inflammation. I see and perform circumcisions on men that are older because of problems, and it is horrifically painful. The healing takes longer and the man is usually off his feet for days. I have the right to choose and I agree with circumcision all the way!!

    • Marty Fox says:

      Well said ! I agree! I was done when I was younger as well. I had “balanitis” (penile dermatitis) , I cannot have a foreskin, certainly not a long one that covers the glans-head, I don’t regret being done. I hate long foreskins, especially the Greek “acros” style.
      The Jews weren’t the only ethnic group who practiced circumcision, also the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Babylonians also performed this operation.
      It was the Romans and Greeks (Ayran peoples coming out of northern India), who used violent force to stop this beneficial operation. And it continued on in the “new world” colonies among the Roman descent peoples (The Spanish and British in particular- via Christian missionaries) who also enforced “no-circ” bans on African & Aboriginal peoples, now circumcision is back in Africa in a big way, due to the HIV epidemic!
      We should form a “Pro Circ” group, encourage more parents and older males to get themselves done, make more people aware of the emerging super HIV virus, which there’s no cure yet.

  15. DarylTJ says:

    In my opinion, ALL babies should remain whole and physically intact.
    If, when the males get to an age of maturity (18-20 years), and they want to knowledgeablyaccept a ‘religion’ where circumcision is mandated, this should be their own INFORMED decision, with NO pressure from anyone.
    Hey, people, leave our kids alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. kensmith says:

    Circumcision is genital mutilation. It’s retarded.


  17. Dave says:

    I am not circumcised, but did not argue when my son’s mother told me she wanted to have him be chop chopped. it is absolutely insane to cut anything off of a baby, but I don’t want my son to have to deal with the shame and embarrassment that I went through. both men and women can be downright cruel when talking about uncut dicks. p.s. thanks dad. a-hole.

  18. StevenRichards says:

    Well this means the College Humor video about circumcision turned out to be true! :)


  19. Marty Fox says:

    I Certainly agree the Orthodox Jewish “Bris” method is over-done. A radical tight cut (like adult film actor, Herschel Savage), for what benefit? The “moderate” circumcision style that was popular among the British middle-class, was certainly a better option. The Americans traditionally went for the “tight” cut, but that has dropped off in recent years.
    I am also circumcised in the “moderate” style (due to childhood issues with the foreskin- hereditary skin allergies) and don’t regret it, I could not have a foreskin, due to the fact I have regular attacks of eczema and skin allergies.I felt sorry for any boy who got “phimosis” (not being able to retract the foreskin). I am certainly pro towards this operation, but not the way Orthodox Jews perform it, the are better alternative less “radical” styles of circumcision available. You can still retain some remainder of skin behind, for shaft protection/feeling etc. Long foreskins make the penis too hyper-sensitive and are hard to clean. You cannot expect a 3 year kid know how to clean his penis all the time, even though many parents think they do. With the onset of super HIV virus coming with the newly arrived refugees from Africa into Europe, in recent times, I would seriously consider this operation for your young boys. Europe is being currently “swamped” by third world “economic migrants”, who also are known to carry STDs and are many are HIV positive as well. You can’t afford to take risks anymore in Europe. The refugee crisis in Europe today is far worse than in America or Asia!

  20. Marty Fox says:

    Well I had to be done, I personally recommend it to new parents with infant boys. A un-cut penis looks pretty on an ancient Greek statue, but the reality is, we now live in un-certain times in the 21st Century(with exotic STDs & new super bugs & HIV strands) & not all circs are “tight” (like adult film actor-Herschel Savage), some of the modern neo-natal clinics retain some of the prepuce for growth reasons, not all circs are ‘tight Orthodox Jewish’ ones, also there’s a bias against the Labia-plasty operation (the female equivalent) with false claims by so-called academic professionals that adult male circumcisions equate to ‘body image problems’ (while ignoring the real problems that foreskins cause eg balanitis, phimosis) & the same with the adult female labia-plasty, many women have to get this procedure done after childbirth! An over-stretched vagina or smelly foreskin is not sexually appealing, as all of you readers know.

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