My Brother Jordan

My Brother Jordan

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Losing a loved one can be a hard blow to recover from. When it comes to losing a sibling, however, sometimes the pain is even sharper than what more people expect. This is because the bond between siblings is different and often hard to understand.

Four years after his brother Jordan’s death, Justin set out on a quest to bring his brother’s story to life. This journey included102 interviews with friends, family members, and others who knew him well. It also includes over 300 home videos, which totaled about 450 hours of footage. In his film, Justin chronicles Jordan’s short but amazing life all the way up to his untimely death and tries his best to paint a clear picture of the bond of brotherhood between them.

Jordan and Justin were as close as any two brothers could get; they had their own secret communication system, they were almost always together coming up with fun things to keep themselves entertained, and they loved each other.

Growing up as the children of a pastor and being homeschooled contributed to their relentless curiosity and passion for adventure. Jordan was the type of kid who lit up a room and knew how to make everybody feel seen.

After Jordan passed away nobody had to lie about who he was. He was a gentleman; the kind of son everybody wants to raise and the kind of man everybody wishes their daughter would marry.

Jordan was the third born son of a family of 4 boys, Justin being the youngest. When Justin was born, Jordan declared to his two older brothers that this one was ‘his baby’. This declaration led to years of a close, warm brotherhood that made the two boys almost inseparable.

Jordan was very unique and his life reflected that uniqueness in every single aspect. Whenever Justin was around, together they created mayhem that everybody wanted to be a part of.

But then the unthinkable happened and nothing made sense anymore. How does one recover when the loss is so deep that it leaves a gaping hole? Watch this beautiful and moving tribute to a young man who was deeply loved.

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9.42/10 (12 votes)

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