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On July 8th, 2014 Washington began offering the sale of recreational marijuana. A few months later in October of 2015, Oregon followed suit and began to offer the same service. This film by Ben Grayzel takes an inside look at youth drug culture post legalization.

As more and more states move towards the legalization of marijuana, many opinions arise in defense of both sides of the argument. However, for some, the only valid problem is the fact that the numbers of teenagers and children smoking marijuana could increase.

How much marijuana is consumed depends on the person. Some people only smoke once or twice and decide that it’s not something they want to do anymore, whereas there are people who smoke every day, sometimes more than once per day. One young man admits that he smokes all day long every day yet manages to keep his grades up.

Apparently it’s the smart kids with the most potential that are deciding to smoke weed. This makes some specialists wonder if society is losing the very kids that could actually make a difference.

It’s hard to know for sure whether or not there are more people smoking marijuana now that its legal to do so, cause most people don’t care whether its legal or not, they’re going to smoke anyway. While it’s true that now people over 21 can get weed at the local dispensaries, many who are underage get their supply from the black market, as they always have. Whether it’s legal or not makes no difference to them.

People usually start smoking weed at age 14, although there are a few who began as early as age 6. Regardless of how soon they begin, marijuana seems to be the drug of choice these days and smoking it seems to be the most popular recreational activity.

A few people believe that legalization has not really increased the number of smokers, either. Marijuana is so readily available that if somebody manages to never smoke it, they are extremely special.

Maybe the issue for biggest concern is that some kids ‘graduate’ from smoking weed into trying out other drugs like Xanax. Many believe that Marijuana is a gateway drug, however, some specialists disagree. One pediatrician says that whatever a person tries first is their gateway drug.

What really needs to happen is that an honest conversation should start regarding the risks of smoking marijuana. Everybody keeps talking about the health benefits while they completely disregard the fact that it’s still a drug and it can still cause damage. Who needs to take the initiative? Watch this film now.

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