Kings of Cannabis

Kings of Cannabis

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Since 1995, Arjan Roskam and his head breeder, Franco Loja, have been producing some of the most well-known strains of marijuana out of their sophisticated lab in Amsterdam. Arjan has won 38 Cannabis Cups and dubs himself the “King of Cannabis.” Along with his crew, he now travels all over the world searching for rare, untouched cannabis strains. Once these seeds are found, they are brought back to his lab in order to develop new varieties of marijuana. As marijuana continues to become decriminalized around the world, Arjan is positioned to be a leading entrepreneur in the legitimate international seed trade. As Join Arjan Roskam, Franco Loja and Krishna Andavolu in this 27 minute documentary as they travel all over Colombia visiting the biggest weed operations in South America.

Colombia not only produces the most cocaine in the world, it also has the most fertile soil to grow cannabis. Although the country allows recreational amounts of marijuana, growing weed on an industrial scale is highly illegal. In   Cali  the plants are cultivated in “grow rooms” that allow 8,000 plants to develop to perfection. The yearly crop amounts to six tons or 12,000 pounds.

The beauty of marijuana lies in its variety. There are a wide range of flavors and a wide range of effects. Arjan and Franco are searching for three landraces: Limon Verde, Punta Roja and Colombian Gold. A landrace is an ancient or primitive cultivated variety of a crop plant.

Their search first takes them into the heart of the dangerous Colombian jungle controlled by FARC guerillas and bandits. After a close encounter with death, they head north to Santa Marta where a new set of challenges awaits. It’s there that they find one of the rarest seeds they’re looking for.

These men— seed hunters—believe it’s their mission in life to provide a variety of quality cannabis. They are passionate about it to the point of risking their lives for the seeds. But along with the risk come millions of dollars and worldwide recognition. Find out if it’s worth it by watching this documentary now.

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