Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide

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It’s hard to imagine life before the Internet. We have become so used to sharing information instantaneously with people all over the world that it would be tragic not to be able to do so.

The disadvantage is that the appearance of the Internet also has meant the disappearance of privacy. Intelligence agencies all over the world regularly monitor and spy on common citizen’s day to day activities, pictures, audios, posts and interactions. This type of surveillance is practically invisible and it makes it almost impossible for the person to realize that they are being watched.

A few decades ago, it was much more difficult to track individuals. Organizations relied heavily on tapping phones and on spies that would secretly record meetings. But times have changed and these days it’s extremely easy to gather data on practically anybody alive.

Most of the data collected comes from the cellphone since that’s where most people share their private details and leave data traces. This information is then used to profile individuals or categorize them based on their behaviors and habits, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Then there are the third party trackers who are present in your online navigation. Even though you have not deliberately chosen them or visited any of their sites, they are still analyzing your navigation patterns, tendencies, and preferences. They collect your data and sell it to companies that you’ve shown interest in.

Many people are aware that this is happening and their immediate response is that they don’t care because they have nothing to hide. But is that really true, though? Saying you don’t care about a basic right to privacy just because you’re not using it, is saying you don’t care about other people. That’s an antisocial belief.

What most people don’t realize is that they are being robbed of their intimacy and once you lose that, you lose a sense of who you really. Within your intimacy you can make mistakes without being judged and it’s where you are able to develop your personality. It seems like we are all losing much more than we could ever imagine.

You are being tracked and profiled. What are you going to do about it? Watch this thought-provoking film now.

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9.50/10 (6 votes)

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