One Nation, Overdosed

One Nation, Overdosed

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Imagine living a life that feels like hell every day. Well, that’s the reality a surprisingly high amount of Americans are facing. Drug overdose is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Some families have lost multiple members to overdose.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is thousands of times stronger than heroine, and it has been ravaging the community of Montgomery County, Ohio.

Over the past two years the numbers have skyrocketed and officials are dealing with three to five cases of overdose per day. Years ago, prescription pain killers such as OxyContin became the first opioids to be abused. But its use was restricted and then traffickers came up with alternatives.

Fentonyl is by far the most devastating drug currently on the market. People are calling the police asking them to arrest them or their family members to keep them from overdosing. The coroner has identified over two dozen varieties of Fentonyl. If the trend continues, there will be an average of 12,000 deaths by overdose only in the state of Ohio.

Children’s Services isn’t able to find enough foster homes to place all of the kids whose parents have died of overdose.

The prisons are being used as withdrawal facilities. This is the law enforcement officials’ attempt to help people get off drugs. While in the dorm, some of the inmates decide to quit permanently, but a few are honest enough to state that they’re not ready to stop using yet.

It’s a daily battle to take Fentonyl off the streets. The outbreak is killing people at rates never seen before. People travel from other places to buy the drug in Montgomery and resell back home. The amounts of deaths by overdose are not making them change their minds. If a person overdoses, users trace his dealer to buy from him. The twisted idea is that the stuff he/she sells is strong and that’s what they’re looking for.

China is the primary source of Fentonyl. The drug is shipped to Mexico where it is smuggled across the border into the US. Most of it ends up in Montgomery County, Ohio.

The Fentonyl sold in this community is so strong that just inhaling it from a distance can kill you and it’s absorbed through the skin. Less than 1/10th of a gram is enough to cause death. Watch this disturbing documentary now.

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8.75/10 (8 votes)

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