Quilt Fever

Quilt Fever

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Every year, thousands of quilters travel to Paducah, Kentucky to participate in its annual quilt competition. During that week the small town’s population is doubled and everybody knows it’s because the quilters are in town.

This outstanding and colorful event known as “The Academy Awards of quilting” brings quilters from all over the world together as they compete for the sought-after Best of Show Award.

Many of the quilts are so well made that they look like oil paintings instead of fabric and there’s usually a story behind each design.

This short film highlights some of the stories of individual quilters. Some of them have reached celebrity status and there’s even a Queen. They each reveal what it is that motivated them to start and what keeps them so passionate about the art.

Watch this beautiful tribute to an amazing art now.

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8.88/10 (8 votes)

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