The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy

The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy

20 minutes 6.44/10 based on 43 votes

Do you think you’re tough? Let’s take a trip to the mountains of Peru and see how these hypermasculine folks bottle up their personal grudges all year long and then on Christmas day battle it out in the middle of town. A sharp contrast from the way of life in Lima, the residents of Santo Tomas settle their scores in the old fashioned way, with their fists.

This may seem barbaric or uncivilized but we do learn that there are some social reasons and benefits to this strange event. We learn of the festival’s significance and see the how the residents build up towards the special day.

This is the yearly festival, called Takanakuy. Could your city or town benefit from a yearly day like this?

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6.44/10 (43 votes)

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9 responses to “The Vice Guide to Travel: Takanakuy”

  1. Chloe_Nyx says:


  2. I love Peruvian cultures! This was something I’ve never heard of before. Quite fascinating, and I like the idea! ;D

  3. Rickhall517930 says:

    Cool doc! Wish the host would have gotten his ass kicked though.
    What a douchebag.

  4. Xdeanrupcicx says:

     Great documentary, but an unbearable host……Your pretty cool bro…….

  5. Ulysses2012 says:

    Very interesting documentary. But as others mentioned, the host was very uncultured and obnoxiously ignorant. HOWEVER I LOVE documentary storm’s work. You are saving my life with knowledge. x

    • David says:

      He is actually one of the better guys from vice. lol
      I think he does pretty well for a little nerdy white boy. :P
      and this is the work of VICE.. not this site. this site doesnt even make documentaries. lol

  6. supertramp23 says:

    wtf is so wrong w/Thomas? Unbearable? Douchebag? Uncultured and obnoxiously ignorant? Come on now! Thomas does just fine in situations where he’s probabley way out of his comfort zone. @dH7fw7td7t:disqus DocumentaryStorm does not make documentaries. They collect them and make them available to the public.

  7. febs26 says:


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