Surviving Alone in Alaska

Surviving Alone in Alaska

52 minutes 6.27/10 based on 62 votes

Have you ever wondered if you would survive in the wilderness, on your wits, alone? Heimo Korth did. Now, he’s the last man standing in an Alaskan wilderness.  His neighbor is a polar bear. His other neighbor is a caribou. Say goodbye to civilization.Near the end of his Presidency, Jimmy Carter created the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: 20 million acres that were off limits to hunters and oil seekers.  Six families were allowed to stay and occupy a cabin in the wild. There is only one man still standing. Heimo Korth.

Hosted by John Martin & Thomas Morto. Created by VICE.

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6.27/10 (62 votes)

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8 responses to “Surviving Alone in Alaska”

  1. henryt says:

    they sent a socially awkward guy for the interview

    • Igor says:

      great little far as all the critics go….outdoor survival is living off what is available,since civilization is still intact (so far) they use it as a resources as well…why not..makes their lives easier,,so why not,before ammunition and guns people hunted for centurieswith spears and arrows,forging ammo for a gun already built…think about what you are saying.

  2. R.E. Alitycheck says:

    Korth is engaged in an elaborate fantasy regarding his independence from the rest of the world. He’s just on an extended camping trip. Take away the sat phones
    and the shotgun shells he gets from some store and then things would get interesting in a hurry ( I expect Korth’s skeleton would be all that was left
    after a short while ).

    It’s not possible for the numbers of humans now on earth to live as hunter – gatherers. The sheer space required for the animals which provide food makes this true. So while Korth is able to do this because he spends time
    in a remote area which is ( so far ) protected from the ravages of civilization,
    for most of the world it is not an attainable reality.

    • madscirat says:

      IKR the dude has emergency communication and he doesn’t mine, smelt and forge his own ammunition. What a fake.

    • Tom says:

      you can gather plants too not just animals there is plenty of room for every human to be self sufficient

  3. jon says:

    anyone else think this guy kinda looks like and talks like Bill Murray?

    • mamaboo says:

      Lol that was the first thing I thought after his wife yelled at him for mudding the carpet (early in the movie), he LOOKS, SOUNDS and BEHAVES just like Bill Murray!

  4. ireland says:

    fair play if thats wat u want 2 do,think he was out 2 scare them lol,12 rounds lmao

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