Two Hearts – India

Two Hearts – India

30 minutes 2012 9.29/10 based on 7 votes brings you another in our extremely popular conjoined twins series. This time, we look at Stuti and Aradhana: two twins from India who are extremely poor. Having to deal with hardships unimaginable to most North Americans, how can they possibly hope to survive in India when they are conjoined?

Their parents have given up and merely sob whenever they think of their poor children. The village does not want to look at them, shamed that it affects the whole standing of the village. Stuti and Aradhana must be tough to survive in such an environment. All they have is each other and their family’s shaky love.

Their parents are poor farmers in a small Indian village. They left the children with the hospital and walked away. The hospital decided to mount a nationwide fundraising campaign for a surgery that could separate the two twins. “They really didn’t have a life if they continued to be conjoined,” says Professor David Baines. The twins’ story has captivated a nation of more than a billion people and put the spotlight on the way India treats baby girls. “In some parts of India families find girls to be a burden. They’re not really looked upon as something that they want”. This is a heart melting story of survival and determination.

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9.29/10 (7 votes)

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