Syria Undercover

Syria Undercover

53 minutes 5.00/10 based on 7 votes

Reporter Ramita Navai goes undercover for a rare look at the uprising from inside Syria. This documentary also shows a profile of the dictator who has managed to hold on longer than any amidst the Arab unrest—President Bashar al-Assad.

Released 8 Nov, 2011. 53 min. TV documentary.

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5.00/10 (7 votes)

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One response to “Syria Undercover”

  1. VideoEyes says:

    This was shocking, shooting Doctors that are trying too save a life!
    Bashar al-Assad & Farouk al-Sharaa · Najah al-Attar, Their heads should be on the Internet…^V^! Thx 4 the up Jonas.

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