The Climate and the Cross

The Climate and the Cross

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Climate change has bought about a new perspective to the divide among American Christians. One meteorologist, Paul Douglas, noticed that something was different and so he started talking about climate change. He says this might have shortened his media career.

A pastor in Mississippi, Charlotte Keys, attributes climate change to greed and sin. Following a chemical contamination in her town she started campaigning for environmental causes. She says that problems begin when the ‘good ole boy’ system controls and manipulates the poor. They have contaminated the land, the air, and the water without the people’s knowledge. She calls this silent poisoning.

Another pastor campaigns against a fracked pipeline, which is being constructed through the land belonging to a group of local nuns against their will. The nuns have set up a chapel they call The Chapel of Resistance in the spot where the pipeline will pass.

Once a Southern Baptist pastor, John Christy became a professor of Atmospheric Science. He says he found out that climate is not changing as rapidly nor in the direction that a lot of claims are being made about. He has testified before congress 20 times and one time was cross-examined for eight hours. His finding is that carbon dioxide is not the evil villain it’s been made out to be. This has caused him to be ostracized from much of the scientific community.

Debbie Dooley is a preacher’s kid and founding member of the Tea Party. She considers herself to be a staunch conservative yet she still believes in protecting the environment.

Just like these, other men and women in the Christian community have opposing views about what’s really going on. A recent study done by Indiana University found that there’s a decline in concern about the environment among Christians.

In the end, regardless of the outcome our kids and grandkids will ask us what did you know? And what did you do? Watch this thought-provoking documentary now.

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7.50/10 (4 votes)

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