Whoa Canada

Whoa Canada

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The Canadian government is hiding a dirty little secret and it’s about time you found out about it. This one little secret has so many ramifications, that it’s hard to keep up with it. This documentary covers just a few of them.

Climate change has warmed the temperature of ocean surfaces, which has led to many more extreme weather disasters. For instance, The Philippines is comprised of around 7,000 islands and the majority of its population lives close to the sea where they are easy prey to deadly storms. In 2011 typhoon Sendong, also known as Severe Tropical Storm Washi, killed around 1,200 people. Most of these were underprivileged people who lived in homes that weren’t well built and thus were unsafe.

The interesting thing is that in spite of this, the Canadian government refuses to acknowledge the human cost of their dirty energy. In fact, while over a hundred world leaders met for the UN Climate Summit in 2015, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not among them.

Canada’s largest source of green house gases — the oil and gas industry — remains federally unchecked. When Harper’s government was attempting to push the Enbridge tar sands pipeline through the approval they refused to even consider the ways in which the pipeline would make climate change worse. This caused outrage among many and a group of young people breeched the security system at the hearings and showed up to protest. They were armed with police tape and whistles and managed to get inside to attempt to shut down the hearings. They were all arrested.

Then a group of comedians got together and started filming silly little videos making fun of Harper’s government. They set up a website called Shit Harper Did where they shared their clips. More and more people started sharing their videos and commenting on them. Word got out and people across the country became angrier and more involved in the protest.

As a result, they sent in a request to find out how taxpayer’s money was being used. What they found out instead was that all those who opposed the pipelines were being aggressively monitored. A lot of money was being wasted to spy on people who were not terrorists. One such example is the case of child advocate and Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, Cindy Blackstock who spoke out against the neglect of first nation’s children. What happened next was that 189 government officials were ordered to spend time spying on her.

The most expensive government building ever constructed in Canadian history is the CSC headquarters. It’s home to the country’s most powerful supercomputer and 2,000 spies who hack into online communications and listen in on private phone calls.

Why is the Canadian government getting away with all of this? Watch this now to find out.

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8.42/10 (12 votes)

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5 responses to “Whoa Canada”

  1. Ah Jaysus says:

    Quite possibly the most idiotic “documentary” I’ve ever seen. So many factual inaccuracies and his comedy routine is extremely lame. To say that Canada is responsible for a storm in The Philippines is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Pathetic SJWs.

  2. LaurieLacey says:

    I haven’t watched the docummentary, but the article has inaccuracies. For example, it states, “…while over a hundred world leaders met for the UN Climate Summit in 2015, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was not among them.” The link you give, pertains to the 2014 climate summit, not 2015. The new PM, Justin Trudeau, attended the 2015 climate summit, along with a large Canadian delagation.

  3. BlogZilla says:

    I wouldn’t want to spend 5 minutes with the hypocritical idiots that made this documentary. How did they get to these protests? They better have been hydrogen fuel cell vehicles or bicycles or at minimum – hybrid vehicles. Are they wearing any kind of synthetic fabrics? Is there plastic in their shoes? And going to a government building dressed like cookies and expecting to be taken seriously? They all need to get a life and reality check.

  4. Troy Turton says:

    You 3 below are the kind of people that go to a movie. And pay attention to everything in the movie. But the movie itself. Then write a hypocritical review on it.

  5. Troy Turton says:

    Stephen Harpers comments in this film, are the exact thing I would expect from an elitist slime bag like him. He thinks he’s funny, but he really needs to have his teeth knocked out. You know, like Trump, Hillary and many other world leaders, business owners, CEOs. Their people and the planet itself mean NOTHING to them.

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