The Infidels

The Infidels

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Stunt riding is dangerous. There are a dozen things that could go wrong when you’re doing a wheelie, and for a lot of people they do. But once you have chosen this as a lifestyle, you know that if you fall you get up, brush off, and keep riding.

For many, this is the way of escaping the things that hurt, and some are quick to admit that had it not been for stunt riding they would be in jail by now or be some loser who spends hours a day playing video games. The excitement of stunt riding is the sense of freedom that comes from doing whatever you want but not getting into trouble.

After an 18 or 19 year old has experienced going to a foreign country as a soldier, he or she will not be the same when it’s time to go back home. Whether this change is good or bad depends on a whole lot of factors, but it’s inevitable, nonetheless. There is a readjustment period in which he needs to keep telling himself that he’s not over there anymore in constant danger. Sometimes getting to that place of neutrality takes time and a lot of patience.

For these young adults, riding is what has kept them away from many of the issues and situations that destroy the lives of veterans. Coming back home and having to admit that they’re having trouble sleeping at night or that they’re not able to shut off the thoughts of impending danger is painful. Nobody wants to seen as being weak. And so instead of having to sit and think about things they don’t really want to think about, riding becomes a welcome distraction.

Once they are out of the military, soldiers can actually miss life on the base. Maybe it’s the structure or the monotony that gives a sense of safety. Maybe it’s feeling like they’re saving lives and fighting the enemy. Be that as it may, most of the stunt riders agree that they would go back if they were given the choice. The military is like a family for many of them and riding together after returning from deployment gives them a sense of belonging that they can’t seem to find anywhere else. Watch this interesting film now.

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6.80/10 (5 votes)

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