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In St. Louis crime rates have gone up and population has gone down. But the decrease in traffic has shone the spotlight on a new scene that seems to be injecting the city with some much needed life: stunt riding. In fact, some experts believe that St. Louis is now the center of this dangerous yet entertaining sport.

The police don’t seem to mind, either. Riders say they can spend the entire day on the street and not get into any trouble at all. Maybe it’s because the crime is so terrible, that they dont see anything seriously wrong with a few riders enjoying themselves on the street. There are constant gun battles going on all around so the sound of motorcycles must be a welcome break.

Through the years, the riders have become more like family. The variety is huge, too. There are average working guys but also doctors and lawyers all riding together. It’s like the walls of separation disappear for a moment and everybody just merges into what they’re passionate about. It’s a life-changing experience.

The Street Fighterz is the most famous group of all and many of their DVDs are still treasures among riders of all ages. They came about in the 1990s when a group of riders started wondering what else could be done with a motorcycle. Slowly their group grew into a subculture and then into a community. Today only one from the original group remains an active rider. He’s 41 years old now and many things have changed for him, but his love for motorcycles is still there and many see him as the expert and go-to person.

Each year, riders from around the world travel to St. Louis to take over the highways for an underground ride known as “The Ride of the Century.” This film takes viewers out onto the streets to get an up-close look at the scene that took riding from clique to community, and has probably made St. Louis the riding capital of the world. Watch this now.

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