The Lost Estrellas of Nasca

The Lost Estrellas of Nasca

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The Nasca lines are some of the most intriguing mysteries of ancient Peru. Thousands of geometric shapes and spirals have been drawn on the desert surface for unknown purposes. Some of the most famous drawings include a spider, a condor, and a monkey. But archeologists have always been puzzled by who made the lines and why.

The Nasca lines are pre-Columbian geoglyphs etched into the desert sand. They cover a large area and many of the drawings can only be seen by air.

However, few people know of the existence of another set of drawings that were first spotted by tourists in the 1990s. The huge drawings were found between the Nasca Plateau and the city of Palpa. These pieces were completely different from all known previous lines and drawings because they had a complex geometrically correct structure, which caused scientists to believe they were fake. This set of drawings was named Estrella.

From a ground-level view, it’s almost impossible to understand what is depicted in the drawings found recently, however, the aerial view using high-resolution photographic technology reveals very complex patterns.

Further investigation of the region continues to yield new discoveries that create even more questions. Find out more now.

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9.35/10 (31 votes)

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