The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Discovery That Changed the World

102 minutes 2010 8.67/10 based on 21 votes

This documentary by Jacques Grimault and Patrice Pooyard posts some disturbing questions and their unbelievable answers. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one that is still standing today. Building it was an astonishing engineering achievement even by today’s standards. The accuracy they accomplished in its design and building is completely amazing, considering that they allegedly had less precise tools than those that currently exist.

So over 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians flattened a limestone hill, paved an area the size of six football fields, carried two million blocks up a height of the equivalent of a 42 story building, built the outside of the pyramid with eight sides instead of four, and made it all earthquake proof using limited tools in a period of only 20 years.

This is so astonishing that it begs the question ‘is any of this even possible?’

The evidence is carved into the rocks, but Egyptologists and historians disagree on what it means. Maybe the answer is to be found through talking to geologists, engineers, and stonecutters—men who have the technical ‘know-how’, the people who are actually involved in this type of big projects.

In order to adhere to the theory that the pyramid was the tomb built for a Pharaoh, Egyptologists concluded that it took only 20 years to build. However the precision of the construction doesn’t support that theory. Even the irregular shaped stones were placed deliberately, perfectly mirroring those used on the other side of the building. The possibility that the pyramids could have been built for an entirely different purpose cannot be ignored. However, many Egyptologists and historians strongly disagree with this suggestion and discourage it adamantly.

Yet The Great Pyramid is so mathematically accurate that the surface of the four sides divided by the surface of the base equals the famous golden number; one of the key principles of aesthetics and design. The golden number is unique and occurs all over the natural world even in the proportions of the human anatomy and also in the proportions of great works of art. This golden number occurs repeatedly and deliberately in the Great Pyramid.

Who built this pyramid? Why is it perfectly aligned with other great monuments found all over the world? Is it possible that the precision of its design is not human origin? Watch this film now.

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8.67/10 (21 votes)

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6 responses to “The Revelation of the Pyramids”

  1. slx5c says:

    The Great Pyramid appears to be a machine that is like a calculator explaining science; however, it also appears to have a grand machinery function as though it should be performing an overall task, but it stopped performing like a device in which its battery went dead and there is no more energy to make it function, or even more crazy would be that it is performing and modern man has not figured it out yet, but I would rather believe in the theory of the dead battery scenario, and the machine just does not perform anymore of its grand design as a machine performing a certain task, or tasks, and if this is so, then modern man is far behind than the knowledge that is before him.
    EYE 5

  2. James Thomson says:

    Excellent production. I have read and saw everything about what the ancient peoples Earth did. This film introduces many mysteries but does not inject any conjecture. Which is correct. These ancient peoples wrote nothing of how, what , why and who these amazing structures exist. Fascinating.

  3. Lee Sung- SWHNN says:

    Excellent fascinating document. it would be grand if i Quantum Sciences were to be applied to the study of these grandiose building.

  4. Joonas Uusikylä says:

    What if there was giants in those days, like Bible (and many other books and ancients myths e.g. Greece titans etc.) tells us? That would explain many other megalithic structures also. Enoch’s book is very intriguing and interesting to study among other books which are talking about giants and their participation in ancient world society.

  5. OneMiddle Finger says:

    How does anyone really know how many years it took to build them? I thought they used a lunar calendar to keep track of time as the hebrew adopted from egypt and who knows how many times the calender was changed before that?
    It’s a monument and probably the largest compass/sun dial ever created by the most advanced civilization of the time. Everyone travelled to egypt to work during harsh times in their own countries.
    The whole slave labor theory doesn’t jive, I mean c’mon why would millions run to a place like that to get away from problems?

    To this guy below me…giants..really? wtf you smoking.
    Proof or it never happened.

  6. zinzinzibidi says:

    Video is unavailable.

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