The Real Enemy: Worshipping the Devil in the Bible Belt

The Real Enemy: Worshipping the Devil in the Bible Belt

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To most people living in the United States and Canada, it’s hard to imagine that there’s such a thing as Devil worship in these modern times. They have grown up hearing stories of demons in Africa and other third-world countries, but such a thing would never exist in ‘civilization’, they believe. And yet the facts prove that there are millions of North Americans involved in, and captivated by, a belief system that is strong enough to make killers of them this includes teenagers and even young children.

Denying the existence of Satanists and Devil worshippers makes no sense because it’s not like they’re trying to hide. James Hale, the Lord High Master of the Church of the IV Crown Princes, states boldly that he worships himself because he views himself as Satan. He goes on to explain that there are many Satans because that name is more like a title. It’s best explained by saying that it’s a veneration of the free will. Satanism is different from devil worship, though, because Satanism is a worship of self, whereas Devil worshippers are an apocalyptic movement that promotes the end of creation. Groups that believe that they have a special role to play in the end times are considered dangerous because they might take action to bring their ideas to pass.

Adam Daniels, the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu (high priest) of the Church of Ahriman, is a Devil worshipper. He states that the key is in knowing one’s self and realizing that at times one will be led to do things that others might find amoral or immoral, but as long as one feels gratified in the end, why stop? However, he is quick to add that his organization is based on integrity and honor. Adam Daniel’s church borrows a lot of its philosophy from Zoroastrianism.

Dr. George J Seig, adjunct professor at the University of New Mexico, specialized in Esotericism, traces the origin of Zoroastrianism as the first dualistic religion to bring attention to the concept of an angry spirit that was later called the devil versus a good spirit. It was also the first monotheistic religion.

Daniel’s group of devil worshipers prepares to hold a black mass in Oklahoma City’s downtown event center. The mass mocks the Eucharist, includes sexual rituals, and even features an exorcism of the Holy Spirit from an individual. The Satanists warn that if he performs the ritual by the books it violates the local law, the city’s health code, and is just overall disgusting. The local Christian community does everything it can think of to stop the sacrilegious ritual. Find out what happened now.

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