Anything but an Atheist

Anything but an Atheist

8 minutes 6.54/10 based on 37 votes

A short and interesting documentary on the social effects of atheism and the repercussions that can come about due to the admission of being atheist in the United States. Many celebrity atheists are highlighted. This is a homemade documentary.

Do Atheists have equal rights in America? Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and other major religions all have certain legal protections within United States Society. They are allowed to observe their holidays, build schools, wear ceremonial clothing, and build prayers of worship. Should atheists have these same rights?

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6.54/10 (37 votes)

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41 responses to “Anything but an Atheist”

  1. Steven says:

    America: the most advanced and the most backward country in the western world.

  2. Videoeyes says:

    My god is better than yours; and if I have to, I’ll kill you to prove it….In the name of god.

  3. reagan says:

    everyone thinks theve found the one true god ,i think your insane a magical guy? really? turn the page and grow up

    • Daren Jessip says:

      Maybe that is why he is so hidden. If man actually found God at this point in history wouldn’t humanity try to control him? We try to control each other all of the time.

  4. I’m so lucky i live in the uk, its ok to believe whatever you want here and in large its without reprisal. the land of the free however is just off the scale with its own self deluded version of morality.

    • Daren Jessip says:

      America is confused morally I agree. We have the same problem that the UK has. There are so many people with so many different world views coming together that relativism seems like the quick and easy answer; however It is an accomodist ideology. It creates an ideal that is agreeable to everyone but everyone has to accept it in order for it to work and guess who isn’t buying it? The radical Muslims. Another problem of relativism is that not everything can be true so the truth takes a big hit and when thought about long enough it makes relativism fall apart.

  5. Tossicilia says:

    nice, now i’m happy i live in iceland. :D thinx for being more fucked up then us america :D

  6. Steven says:

    It just does’nt cease to amaze me – there are just two completely different Americas.  (I mean, leaving ethnic diversity aside.)  The two seaboards and the big cities are at least as advanced as anywhere else in the developed world, with the best universities, high tech industries, progressive social attitudes etc etc.  And then there’s this other America which is just the absolute heartland of western reaction!  It makes even the Mediterranean look modern!  And this is not really a class division either (thought that exists too) – there are just two different cultures in the one country: here the 21st century; there the 17th!  There isn’t anything like that in north-west Europe, I don’t think.  There, there are just class and ethnic divisions.

  7. awful_truth says:

           Bruce Lee was a Taoist, not an athiest. Einstein has also been adopted by the athiests when he absolutley had a strong belief in god. (just didn’t agree with traditional religions)  Since I know this with certainty regarding these two individuals, only creates credibility issues regarding the accuracy of the remaining information presented in this documentary. This misrepresentation is not only an insult to their memories, but leaves me wondering if athiests are so strong in their beliefs, why they need to attach those of prominence.(deceptively) As Dr. Phil so eloquently put it, “how is that working for you?”    

    • denihil says:

      Although influenced by Buddhism and Taoism, when asked about his religious affiliation in 1972, Bruce is quoted as saying “None whatsoever” and when asked if he believed in god and he responded, “To be perfectly frank, I really do not”. (Little, John (1996). The Warrior Within – The philosophies of Bruce Lee to better understand the world around you and achieve a rewarding life (illustrated ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0809231948.)

      Einstein was not really a theist or atheist but rather agnostic preferring the God of Baruch Spinoza which is not a personal god in the traditional way.

      But how’s that working for you?

      • awful_truth says:

            Hi Denihil. If you are going to quote someone, try Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the only book that Bruce Lee truly wrote himself. When buried in Seattle Washington, a large yin/yang symbol was draped over his casket(Taoism), in accordance with his wishes. Since I have been to his gravesite to pay homage(have you?) I trust my information because it was from the source.(himself) Regarding Einstein, I can gaurantee you that “god doesn’t play dice with the universe”, and “did god have any choice in how the universe was created” are not statements of someone sitting on the fence.(agnostic) Over course, you didn’t address my question as to why athiests look for people of prominance to support their view, if they are so secure in their beliefs? Just like Einstein, I deal in certainty, and it works just fine for me! 

        • denihil says:

          Tao does not mean what you think it means. It does not indicate supernatural belief, but a principal. Do you believe in not farting in front of your gf? Congrats on inventing the Tao of farts. A ying/yang symbol merely refers to balance and again does not necessitate supernatural belief. Futhermore, neither Tao or the ying/yang are strictly limited to Taoism, but are prominent in Buddhism and Hinduism as well. How can you claim you believe only what Bruce says when you immediately disbelieve his quotes from earlier when they don’t jive with your view?

          Now be honest, did you even look up what the god of Baruch Spinoza is? That would clear up many of your misunderstandings. Further, merely because he references god does not actually mean he believes in god. Another figure from the video, George Carlin, has many times said “God Damn”, does that make him a theist? Of course not.

          My response to your question of why do atheists look for people of prominence to support their view is simply this: Who doesn’t? Do people of faith not look for powerful figures in their faith for inspiration? I think you are ascribing a behaviour solely to atheists that is probably universal among mankind. Atheists look for a sense of belonging, just like any other. If you are so secure in your beliefs then why are you intent as describing figures you like personally as people of faith? The question runs both ways.

          Einstein dealt with mathematical certainty. If in life you would only deal with certainty then unfortunately there is not much life to live!

          • awful_truth says:

            Hey Denihil. (bear with me)Tao is a chinese word(cantonese) that means “way”. Taoism is a phylosophy/religious belief regarding the harmony of opposites “dualism-yin/yang” (including good and evil), even the idea that god and the devil change places periodically. (sounds pretty religious to me) Buddism and Hinduism are also religious beliefs, or are you in disagreement with me on that as well?(you brought it up like they weren’t) Agnostic, or ‘unknown’ is someone who hasn’t or can’t decide, ergo “I don’t know”, as opposed to a theistic- belief in higher forms of life,(god, or gods) and athiest view- rejection of all beliefs in higher forms of life. (don’t take my word for it, look it up, please) 
                  You are right regarding Einstein’s thoughts concerning Spinoza, but missed the point that his belief in god was not a traditional(Christian,Muslim, etc) view regarding a ‘personal all knowing god of judgement’. example: His application for post secondary school asked religious affiliation, he answered mozaic! In fact, Einstein’s driving force in science was faith driven, and while it helped him ask the right questions in solving special and general relativity,(success) his inability in accepting chance, or probability with no certainty(god doesn’t play dice with the universe) prevented him from accepting quantum mechanics.(failure) With that said, Einstein didn’t wrestle with today’s 1 dimensional, bi-polar condition(brainwashing) of one or the other,(science vs. religion, or evolution vs. intelligent design) nor did Galileo, or Newton for that matter who was a religious fanatic. (probably why they were smarter then everyone else, no bi-polar mentality) 
                  When I speak of certainty, I am refering to what I know, not what I want. I have no problems regarding whether anyone has ‘faith’ or doesn’t, because that is a personal choice, and I watch documentaries regarding both, not just the one’s that support my own personal view. Since I am very comfortable in my own belief system, I don’t need approval of group (cult) mindsets to reinforce or prop up my thought process. In my humble opinion, both the atheists, and the church going folk find solice in numbers, which explains the need for labelling prominent people in this documentary to support the weak minded, the poor percecuted athiests. (cry me a river, and stand in line, because life is tough, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been screwed over) There is no doubt the church (Roman,Spanish inquisition for example) has caused grief for many, especially those who like to choose for themselves. (heretic- from the greek word meaning choice) It is also fair to say that they were a bunch of stupid hypocrites who were only using religion to control the masses, for financial gain. It is for this reason, that I understand why people who have been severely repressed, lose their faith. With that said, the evolutionists who have no faith, and only believe in science(Adolph Hitler) killed just as many in an attempt for the ‘master race’ which led to forced sterilization, and planned parenthood. 
                  I have no doubt that you are inteligent individual denihil, and the limitation of the written word will always prevent complete understanding between those who are debating, or trying to find common ground like ourselves. Although I have never met Bruce Lee, nor Albert Einstein, I have spent over 30 years studing both these individuals, and their respective fields of expertise. (martial arts, and physics) If you don’t want to believe what I have tried to express to you, that is okay. At the very least, maybe others who may read these blogs, will get something out of it, even if you and I don’t. Take care, best wishes, and live long and prosper!   

            • denihil says:

              You have made some massively flawed assertions. Hitler was an atheist who killed in the name of science? You not only managed to Godwin yourself, but you do so with ignorant holocaust revisionism. Consider atheists were among many sent to death camps with Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals. Comments like yours disrespects all their memories. This has nothing to do with what religion did or didn’t do hundreds of years ago or which beliefs are shared by the biggest monster. It is about what people find credible.

              I brought up Hinduism and Buddhism because it is evidence that these ideas and symbols are shared by many eastern civilizations. Equating the ying/yang to belief in a higher power would be like equating the peace sign to belief in god. Furthermore, they do not equate to good and evil. That is a very superficial translation of the term.

              I didn’t miss the point about the Spinoza god at all. I mentioned the idea of a personal god the first time I mentioned it. However, worshiping the laws of the natural world does not equate believing in a higher power. By your own definition mentioned in the paragraph preceding, this qualifies as atheistic belief!

              I also take issue with labeling religious belief as a personal choice and then turn around and label Atheists as weak minded. No one turns to atheism to “fit in” as one would with other religious belief. People are atheists because that is what they believe and people cannot change that no more then they can turn an apple into an orange. Is it weak to face the idea of death as total unavoidable oblivion and coming to terms with it, or is it weak to assume you go to magical place where everyone is happy and nothing bad happens? Is it weak to stand up for what you believe in the face of friends, family and the establishment, or is weak to go along and not question?

              I truly wish we could connect in a meaningful way, but I get from you that you regard atheists with suspicion and fear. To be honest, I haven’t even watched this documentary, I found your comment in the recent comment section on the right watching Attenborough’s Madagascar. As a secular Buddhist I merely wish to reduce suffering derived from ignorance. As much as I do feel you are a good person in day to day life, you suffer greatly.

              If you don’t believe or accept any of these things, at least do me one favour. Be mindful. Consider how your background influences you. Draw away from your surroundings and analyze how and where your perspective of atheists came from. Was it from atheists, or from what other people have told you about them? Consider the case of Rwanda. Tutsi’s and Hutu’s consider each other subhuman, unworthy of living for transgressions real or imaginary. Is one side right, or are both misled?

              • awful_truth says:

                Hi Denihil. You seem to think I am lashing out at athiests. In my last blog, I said things that would upset the religious establishment as well. You said I refered to athiests as weak minded, but I was only making reference to those who feel  ‘persecuted’ in relation to the documentary that you’ didn’t watch’.  You seem to think I suffer greatly, yet you have never met me. I now understand why you are incapable of expanding your horizons, because you are unwilling to empty your cup. Since I am now aware that you are a secular Buddhist, I have only one question left. Do you believe that Buddhism is not a religion? I only ask, because if you checked out what I asked you to confirm, you would understand that religion and phylosophy go hand in hand. Having a belief in nature, the universe, etc all have religious conotations if you trust in the order of things. Simply because one does not believe in an all knowing, all powerful god, does not discard the idea of religious or spiritual belief. For the record(not that you asked) I am a very spiritual person, but have never found any religion or phylosophy that jives 100% with my own personal belief. Since I don’t require approval of others to confirm my perception, I am never offended by small remarks. I must admit, I am perplexed that you want to reduce suffering from ignorance, yet if you were a buddhist, you would understand the harmony of opposites, and that there really is not right or wrong, there is just life, without judgement.(potentiality) All there really is, is choice. With that said, you were also offended when I made the comment as well, but since you didn’t watch the documentary in question, I guess I can’t expect much more. That is what happens when people talk regarding things they haven’t experienced. For the record. Everything is the universe exists for a reason, or it wouldn’t. To embrace this is to embrace life itself, a tolerance few can achieve! (I wrote this when I was 20) Furthermore, life consists of all things, hot/cold, up/down, left/right, science/religion, etc, etc. To say that one part exists, and the other doesn’t is foolhardy. In my opinion, you have made the decision that the idea of god is the one that you have been told, and can’t think outside that box. Since I am already aware that the universe is a brain, just like the 3 pound brain you have on your shoulders, I don’t have a problem with the idea of god, becasue I am smart enough to know it isn’t perfect.(nothing is) Everything exists because of the imperfections of the universe. Science refers to this as broken symmetry. ( if everything was good, how would you know it if you didn’t have anything bad to compare to it?) It is not I, but you who have to forget that which you have been indoctrinated with. Only then, will you truly understand that god(universe) is composed of everything, including us. If you can relate to this, then perhaps we are not so far apart as you think. Take care, and live long and prosper.
                    P.S: I am the richest man on the planet(I have very little money) so trust me(if you can) when I say, that I am not suffering, merely living a life that most could only dream of!    

                • denihil says:

                  Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

                  That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

                  And then is heard no more. It is a tale

                  Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

                  Signifying nothing.

                • awful_truth says:

                  Small minds talk about people, average minds talk events, but great minds speak ideas! Do you have anything original, or just rhetoric from someone long dead?

                • madscirat says:

                  Great minds say something original and meaningful, average minds regurgitate rhetoric and small minds just craft ad hominems..

  8. PenPen23 says:

     If people actually think the world was created in a week or as the other assertion ive seen goes,is only 6000 years old you seriously need to be placed in a rubber room… . . . .
    what makes you think you are better than anyone to condemn someone for what they believe?

    • Daren Jessip says:

      Genesis Theory.
      I don’t condemn anyone yet am constantly condemned myself by people that think I am.

  9. Stephen says:

     So why don’t we, instead of believing in a god, believe in humanity as a means to cope with stuff and press on?  Belief masked as a coping mechanism is exactly the problem.

  10. awful_truth says:

       For those who are apparently still confused regarding what the difference is between theist, agnostic, or athiest beliefs, check out a documentary called ‘the extraordinary genius of Albert Einstein’. (on this website) With a little clarity of thought, people may discover their preconceived notions (that which we were all indoctrinated with) are the biggest stumbling blocks to understanding different phylosophies, and why most disagreements lie in the nature of misunderstanding. (ignorance)

    • Daren Jessip says:

      Thanks I will. We now call that a “World View” and there are many. The book “Naming the Elephant” goes into this. It’s a great read and shorter than you think. It gets right to the point.

      • awful_truth says:

        Thanks for the heads up Daren regarding ‘Naming the Elephant’, I will check it out first chance I get. (sounds like an interesting read)

  11. MiddleGround says:

    What a load. Do any of us really need to question whether or not this documentary is completely ass backwards ? Atheists are the most aggressive of them all when it comes to their “beliefs”. All you have to do is read the comments below to verify it. They’re constantly forcing their beliefs on other people, and in a very close minded, ignorant manner. For all the BS stereotypes you want to throw out there, keep in mind that not everyone’s Christian. Not every religious person believes the world was created 6,000 years ago, or in 7 days, or that anyone magically popped up out of the ground. Most religious people, the majority that is, are simply looking for a better life, and understand that waging a holy war isn’t gonna bring them any peace of mind. Maybe it’s about time Atheists come to the same conclusion …

    • commdiver81 says:

      religious and atheist murder people all the same! most wars have nothing to do with religion as much as they do control of land,resources, and people.

      • Daren Jessip says:

        Great point. It all goes back to original sin. Plato (a pagan) even writes about the evil nature of man. This is why the concept of sin is so compelling.

  12. But you follow a religion that murdered billions of people for not believing? The crusaders were ordered by the church to torture and rape women, kill children and castrate men. Multiple accounts of tortures such as red hot iron rods being inserted into women’s vaginas, men having their genitals torn from their bodies. Innocent people were burned at the stake for being “witches”….. And why did they do this? Because the Bible says to do it. To spread the word of god, through fear. The ignorance is on you, not us…… If your loving god existed, how could he allow such evil acts to be done in his name?

    • Daren Jessip says:

      Your numbers are way too high.. No religious war has killed as many people as Atheists like Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, N. Korea and China. The estimates are 80 to over 100 million people killed by Atheists trying to spread an ideology of Social Darwinism.

      • Gray Olson says:

        Hitler, Lenin, Stalin were all religious people. Where does the misconception that they were atheists come from? Oh wait, because atheists have no morals and worship the devil, that’s right…………………..

      • linerider says:

        Conservatives and christians embrace social Darwinism (aka Capitalism) every day. There was no distinction between ideologies among social Darwinists in the early 20th century. Hitler was a catholic. Learn some history. Not to mention the fact that religious wars killed many, many more, if you adjust each massacre for the number of people alive at the time in the world.

        • James Johnson says:

          Conservatives want to live in a dog eat dog world and call any social program liberal and scoff at political correctness. WTF? A dog eat dog world is survival of the fittest, so fuck our elderly and anyone born with a disfigurement. They cant hang so they should be eaten. What a bunch of nut cases. And they laugh at anyone who thinks Darwin’s idea of evolution is fact. They are truly devils wearing a tie.

          • Kbm says:

            Conservative values are solely based on economic prowess. The reason you have internet and are able to sit in your comfy bed and have the leisure to critique people on a forum is because of conservative CAPITALISM. Am I saying in a Marxist world we wouldn’t have reached where we are today…….ofcourse Not. But I do believe this moment in time would’ve come much later in the world. Capitalism has winners, and losers. But it drives everyone to work their hardest for a piece of the pie. All your socialist programs do is give more power to greedy bureaucrats who have no desire for growth but for wealth. At least in a capitalism market people have to work for their fortunes and regardless of their accumulated wealth, the product that got them there contributed to making the world more convenient or better off.

            “Do not underestimate the market, it works itself out.” -MiltonFriedman

            • James Johnson says:

              Capitalism only works when the opportunities are equal. There are so many glaring inequalities in the USA. Look at other nations who have better economies. You will not find such an difference in income between the top percentage and the working class.

            • James Johnson says:

              Capitalism in the USA now means finding loopholes whereby you get away with not supporting your own country through taxation.

  13. alot of athiest speak of these killings between religion as if you have any REAL knowledge of the real history of religion. The BELIEVERS were killed while the ones who wanted to change Christianity did the killing

    • Daren Jessip says:

      I will agree but only to a point. It was the Catholic Church that put a contract on Luther’s head. They also started the 30 years war against the reformation movement while the Puritans under Cromwell waged war in England.

  14. commdiver81 says:

    everyone has a right to believe what ever they want

  15. James Johnson says:

    I think you must look at this as backlash for all the years of ridicule and hiding our disbelief. It is still going on now within families. I don’t believe but my parents do and they do so for a complicated story behind that. It was partly my responsibility that they are now so intolerant of my disbelief. My wife and I were both raised in religious households. Through time and experience we moved away from those traditions of men. If you dare I will tell you a tale of my religious and non religious life because both shaped who I am. And the one started the other so to speak. Getting back to point, it is a painful thing to chose to leave religion. It’s like losing a family member. It hurts. It’s not easy and answers were never given as to why this and why that, just the same old excuses and word play. Most Christians don’t KNOW about their religion AS A RELIGION. They just believe because of feelings and life experiences and coinciding incidences. It’s a comfort zone, that is fragile to say the least if you are honest about it. You may say I don’t know what I am talking about. But I say I must tell you my tale so that you understand at least why most atheists today were believers yesterday. If your interested that is.

  16. James Johnson says:

    Also if you don’t care if one believes or disbelieves that is a good attitude to have as it changes no minds and puts no limits to friendships. But NOT ALL Christians are like that and sometimes even the good ones slip a little when conversing with those that do not believe and they look down their noses as if we aren’t good enough. Also I don’t go around on Saturday knocking on doors trying to tell people about MY beliefs. I also don’t stand on street corners preaching about the attributes of atheism. I don’t see Muslims standing outside public elementary schools giving out religious documents and their Quran either. I don’t hand a book to minors that contains incest and rape and pillaging and genocide either and you wouldn’t stand for it either I imagine. That is what we are calling out, so I your not one of those Christians then don’t sweat it. What you believe is between you and your god, it is none of my business. But when presented to the public by way of ultimatums you betcha its my business.

  17. Steve Hopkins says:

    I am agnostic, so I don’t hate anyone…Is that bad?

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