The Vice Guide To Liberia

The Vice Guide To Liberia

53 minutes 6.19/10 based on 36 votes

Liberia has been ravaged by civil war for the past 14 years and is rotting from the inside out, plagued by teenage prostitution, murder, and drug addiction. The United Nation has tried to intervene but are scheduled to leave Liberia but even though the civil war may technically be over, the rummage left behind is far from pretty.

Child soldiers who were forced into cannibalistic warfare are now orphaned without direction and the warlords are now in supposed community leadership roles. Militias are also still laying low but are waiting for the right opportunity to make an attempt on their corrupt government.

Prepare to be exposed to a a world where it’s normal to see child soldiers smoking heroin, cross-dressing cannibals, systematic rape. Basically, this film will take you on a tour of hell on Earth.

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6.19/10 (36 votes)

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