The Vice Guide To Liberia

The Vice Guide To Liberia

53 minutes 6.19/10 based on 36 votes

Liberia has been ravaged by civil war for the past 14 years and is rotting from the inside out, plagued by teenage prostitution, murder, and drug addiction. The United Nation has tried to intervene but are scheduled to leave Liberia but even though the civil war may technically be over, the rummage left behind is far from pretty.

Child soldiers who were forced into cannibalistic warfare are now orphaned without direction and the warlords are now in supposed community leadership roles. Militias are also still laying low but are waiting for the right opportunity to make an attempt on their corrupt government.

Prepare to be exposed to a a world where it’s normal to see child soldiers smoking heroin, cross-dressing cannibals, systematic rape. Basically, this film will take you on a tour of hell on Earth.

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6.19/10 (36 votes)

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8 responses to “The Vice Guide To Liberia”

  1. Alan says:

    Great documentary!

    • sam says:

      This is pure nonsense.. this Vice guy needs to stop stealing old videos
      from the war in 1980. Most of this video content was stolen from a
      journalist from south Africa that actually stayed in Liberia during the
      whole war he traveled with the rebels as they overthrew the president
      now losers like Vice travel to Liberia run around in the slums and
      add his content to make it look like they are some kind of bad-ass.. hope he
      sues these nerds.

      • Steve says:

        Re-using footage shot by someone else, “archival footage”, is very typical for this sort of film. Was he meant to go back in time and film during the war? You’re a fucking idiot mate. Does new footage define a documentary? I think there was a more important point to be made about the depths of human depravity and the state of a region largely ignored by most of the developed world. That’s all invalid of course, because not ALL of the footage was new. Did I mention you’re a fucking idiot?

        • SAM says:

          Go Fuck yourself.. have you red all the racist comments all over the internet or was that the point of the Documentary “Mate”??? maybe you are a fucking Nazi just like that copy cat that produced that bull shit.. I feel really sorry for the victims that lost there family member juts too see the killers become a movie star… Once again GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER’S SHITTY ASS CUNT HOLE!!!

          • JobeFromWayBakWen says:

            Internet rage!!
            Sorry Sam but Steve has the right idea. These guys get out there and do interesting pieces in sometimes gnarly circumstances. Jealousy will not change that.
            Oh, and go lick a rotten worm from an apple that was shit out your great, great, great, great grand nanny’s punny so that it’s really a fossil and I suppose not really that gross and felatiate a whale while yer at er you ninny, ninny PICKANINNY REAL BAD DOOD ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. SurvivorVeteran says:

    Vice should really stop calling these things ‘documentaries’.

  3. manchesterblue says:

    General Butt Naked should be doing his preaching from a prison cell. Surreal documentary.

  4. Dan Flynn says:

    “At that point in the trip I felt like I was on acid.” -my favorite part of this!

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