They Chose China

They Chose China

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21 American soldiers came to an astonishing decision following the Korean War: they chose to stay in China and build a life there. They were seen as traitors by their home country and as peaceniks by the Koreans. Oscar nominated filmmaker Shuibo Wang directs.

Using very rare footage, Wang brings the era to life and highlights the dramatic post war differences between the two countries. Using contemporary American and Chinese TV reporting and interviews, and never-before-seen-footage, THEY CHOSE CHINA looks at these brave Americans who decided to stay in Asia.

The U.S government claimed that they were brainwashed and had lost control of their faculties. They were victims of the Chinese Communists. How true is this, really?

Venture inside the Chinese work camps and hear modern day interviews with the survivors.


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Rating: 9.3/10 based on 44 votes

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