SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box

SSEX BBOX: Sexuality Out of the Box

14 minutes 2012 7.08/10 based on 157 votes

SSEX BBOX is a documentary series that explores sexuality in ALL of its flavors and colors. This is an indie film and was produced by a social justice film collective. The creators have approached DocumentaryStorm and have asked us to bring this film to the general public. We believe in freedom of speech. Warning: sexual subject matter ahead!

The episodes were filmed in San Fransisco, Sao Paulo, Berlin, and Barcelona. Film crews descended on four cities and interviewed sex educators, psychiatrists, artists, and anyone else that they could get their hands and cameras on. The result is a three-part series that will certainly open up your mind to sexual tastes and opinions that you have never heard before – or even knew existed.

The subject matter deals with guilt, shame, and sexual freedom.  Childhood sexuality is discussed – a topic largely seen as taboo. Masturbation, parents, and the shame that and delight comes hand in hand (no pun intended)  with growing into our bodies.

The final part in the series looks at sex’s role within the Catholic Church. Homosexuality as sin, pleasure as shame, and other Catholic dogmas are discussed.

This documentary series may not be for everyone. That’s okay. We are all unique. That’s what makes the human race so beautiful.

Episode 1 – Sex

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7.08/10 (157 votes)

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