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Exclusive rough-cut of the first in-depth documentary about WikiLeaks and the people behind it.

From summer 2010 until now, Swedish Television has been following the secretive media network WikiLeaks and its enigmatic Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange.

Reporters Jesper Huor and Bosse Lindquist have traveled to key countries where WikiLeaks operates, interviewing top members, such as Assange, new Spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson, as well as people like Daniel Domscheit-Berg who now is starting his own version –!

Where is the secretive organization heading? Stronger than ever, or broken by the US? Who is Assange: champion of freedom, spy or rapist? What are his objectives? What are the consequences for the internet?

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5.90/10 (10 votes)

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6 responses to “WikiRebels”

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow! This one is a must watch — I real eye opener.

  2. Tim Carter says:

    I don’t understand why people aren’t reacting more to this. This is revolutionary.

  3. detoxendrix says:

    this link is broken :[

  4. awful_truth says:

    Julian Assange, whether you agree or disagree with his approach, has shone a light on the ‘cancer’ of the earth. (evil – greed, deceit, zero compassion) The cancer’s only defense is a smear campaign of dis-information and allegations to take the spotlight off them. Although there will be collateral damage from his actions, he is by in large a hero for exposing the geo-political illness we call the global pyramid scheme. Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, etc have also risked everything in an attempt to correct the misguided direction humanity is headed. Ironically, anyone who falls ill with disease would not hesitate to find a cure, to return to a healthy equilibrium, yet the sick label him a traitor, thus exposing their true nature, and like all cancer, will not stop until they destroy everything, as long as they temporarily get what they want. Any questions?

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