Adult Fans Of LEGO

Adult Fans Of LEGO

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8.00/10 (1 votes)

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2 responses to “Adult Fans Of LEGO”

  1. Viking says:

    :D I couldn’t stop smiling! This was too cool! My exposure to Lego was in the late 60’s and early 70’s as a kiddo. So many fond memories of endless hours of creation. These folks are definitely of my Tribe! Sword swinging Charlie Brown shirted dude specifically. Rock on!

    I still feel the same joy of collecting and creating in a sense with HO/OO scale military figurines and vehicles. They are 1:72 scale if I recall and seem to be fairly close to the model train scale of size.

    I used to paint the sets in my school days and remember using damn-near single hair modeler’s paint brushes to put as much detail on the paint jobs as possible. That WILL make you cross-eyed after an afternoon of painting belt buckles and kilt cardigans on Scottish Highlanders.

    I get the urge to fiddle with my collection and will spend a few days setting up intricate battle formations with troops ranging in era from Vikings to modern day soldiers and all the hardware associated with the entire scope of vehicles: cavalry, tanks, viking ships, battle cruisers…whatever I have to add to the fracas.

    I try to mix military equipment so the battlefield is evenly matched…if that makes any sense. I like an even balance of modern and ancient accouterments per opponent’s equipment and killing abilities.

    Once the battle field is set, I’ll grab some dice and something to fling at the battle formations (like a marble) to create “kills” with the roll of dice usually being how many times a marble bomb can be flicked at the battle lines of the opposing side. The game has no set rules so it is different every time…kind of like a Calvin and Hobbes game, Calvin-Ball.

    A 4X8 piece of plywood, a couple of sawhorses, and some terrain pieces like hills and such and I’m busy for hours. A sewer’s gridded fold-out pin board is helpful if I get OCD and want to create some tripped out detail to the “rules”. It’s usually complicated enough as it is seeing as the war is realistically something resembling a melting pot of warriors throughout history….”Time Wars”, “Valhallathon”, or “Valhalla Bowl” could be the name of the game….if ya just gotta have a label for this lunacy.

    Obligatory shots of Sailor Jerry Rum add to the creative planning of assaults and tactics. A 16 pound bowling ball is used like an atomic bomb if the rum is flowing freely. Paintball guns are treated like the A10 Warthog or Douglas AC-47 Spooky “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Those two weapons of mass destruction are generally only used if all the rum has been quaffed or a nitwit who takes this Calvin-ballesque game way too seriously and needs some schooling on this time wasting and pointless game of futility. Once the blood and brain smoothie is cleaned off of the bowling ball and the corpse of said nitwit is run through the wood chipper, the remaining player(s) can continue with the festivities. Mind the teeth that inevitably skitter under a couch or closet door. This is incriminating evidence that is foul and damming.

    I may have to start acquiring Lego to build fortifications! I can’t believe I didn’t think about this for structures for sniping and artillery and catapult barrages. Most of the HO/OO sets I find are from eBay which may be a good resources for Lego, too.

    …and to side with the bald headed lad in the Charlie Brown shirt that collected swords….Nice blades! There is one definite advantage about collecting swords and blades, pole arms, battle axes, and other ancient armaments: We do not have to reload! Ponder that in the brief “Oh Shit!” moment that will occur when the zombie apocalypse finally happens and your cornered in the Abercrombie and Fitch store and out of bullets for your pea shooter and out of gas for your chainsaw. The band geeks who collected swords won’t seem so goofy anymore when they are slicing and dicing Zeds and getting gratitude humps from your cheerleader wives. Don’t forget that a banjo is a handy blunt force trauma inducing back-up melee weapon. Usually worth 50 HP against a Zed’s health.

  2. kmyk says:

    Clear Plastic tubs are your friends!

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