Documenting Mexico's Most Violent Crimes

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6.33/10 (12 votes)

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4 responses to “ALARMA!”

  1. DarylTJ says:


  2. Photographer from part 1 is a ghoul, he likes the blood.

  3. noboundryman says:

    Every human being is either openly, or secretly, perhaps unknowingly fascinated by violence, and death in some way, or another,because we all face it at some point. Some, “the sane ones” become repulsed by it, and others seek it out, even perpetuate it. Despite the unimaginable insanity, and cruelty and mass murder of early Europeans, in the Americas, there was most certainly a culture of war, and death firmly established here long before their arrival.
    Human sacrifice, war, and blood rites were common Among the Maya, and Aztec particularly. Every region, every culture, every nation, seems to have their own brand of horrors, at some place, and time. The human race is quickly, and most assuredly poisoning every living thing, and soiling our own nests. The end is not far away. Soon there will be more death than the tabloids can record, as we murder, and rob, rape, torture, and poison our way to extinction. No other species kills for pleasure. Mass global self imposed genocidal murder. And there’s Allah, and Jesus, standing on the side lines, cheering us on. Man what a species.

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