Amateur Armstrongs

Amateur Armstrongs

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Lance Armstrong is a cheater. When he came clean, he blew the lid, once and for all, on a dirty little secret: sports doping. However, there is a far larger problem. The general public also uses performance enhancing drugs.  It is becoming a health crisis. Amateur Armstrongs: enjoy!

Officials estimate up to 160,000 fitness fanatics may be doping in the country, risking serious health problems, which “often don’t manifest until years after use”.

This report reveals how the Dutch doping network has made enormous profits distributing illegal drugs, and confronts one of the leaders with the evidence.

As the international market is swamped with products manufactured in underground labs, even some dealers are getting worried. How big is the problem we will get down the line from these counterfeit drugs? Nobody knows.

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7.00/10 (4 votes)

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