The Hidden Enemy

The Hidden Enemy

Inside Psychiatry's Covert Agenda

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In spite of the fact that military personnel have access to receiving psychiatric drugs that are allegedly designed to help, there is an average of 23 suicides per day among soldiers in active duty and veterans. One would think that these drugs would actually prevent this from happening. However, few are aware that there is a covert agenda and that the biggest enemy that these brave men face is in plain sight.

In 1940 psychiatrist and Brigadier General J.R. Reese stated to the National Council for Mental Hygiene that “we must aim to make it (psychiatry) permeate every educational activity in our national life… public life, politics, industry, should all of them be within our sphere of influence.”

In order to attain this goal, psychiatry needed the perfect proving ground, preferably one with an unlimited budget and an endless supply of human resources, where every order is obeyed, no questions were asked, and where collateral damage would be labeled ‘classified’.

Brigadier General Reese knew where to look for such a proving ground. In his own words “The army and the other fighting services form rather unique experimental groups since they are complete communities and it is possible to arrange experiments

in a way that would be very difficult in civilian life.” This shrewd tactic was sold under the guise of help and soldiers began to be used as guinea pigs.

It was during World War I that psychiatrists first made their entrance into everyday life. At first they were not trusted and their treatments were seen as torture such as was the case with the infamous Kaufman cure.

The experimentation continued into WWII when many other ‘treatments’ were introduced in order to get the deserting soldiers back on the front quicker.

All around the world psychiatrists used the war to try some very risky treatments such as electro shock, deep induced comas, and filling others with powerful mind-altering drugs. Then they became involved in military recruitment, training, discipline, and morale.

In just three years, psychiatry had penetrated so deeply into the US military that Commander Fracis J. Braceland bragged that “Psychiatry now has a place in every step of the Navy man’s career, from his induction to his eventual separation from the service.”

During the 50s and 60s psychiatrists continued to experiment with soldiers. In the US and Great Britain they would have drugs such as LSD added to the water the soldiers drank and in the USSR, packets of ‘vitamins’ were given to the cooks to stir into to the soups or porridges.

Without a doubt, psychiatry has been the hidden enemy that has probably destroyed many more lives than what it has actually saved. Watch this documentary now.

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