The Power Principle Documentary

The Power Principle Documentary

200 minutes 5.65/10 based on 43 votes

This massive documentary does a stellar job of mapping the mass violence and hypocrisy of plutocracy and nation building. Make no mistake, the nation that is being discussed is the United States of America. Major corporations: we are talking about YOU.

Major corporations are controlling the government of the United States of America.  This is not a mere conspiracy theory. Many of the top politicians in the country have gone on record – as if it is nothing new, or offensive – to talk about the close connections between campaign fundraising, policy, and politician. Nancy Pelusi went to over 400 fundraisers last year. John McCain went to over 300.  It is a problem on both sides of the political line.

Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on.

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5.65/10 (43 votes)

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34 responses to “The Power Principle Documentary”

  1. startrek says:

    This is the greatest documentary I have ever seen, which traces and prove that the United States is the most evil country that has ever existed.

    • christian says:

      then you are the most stupid person to ever walk the earth

      • awful_truth says:

        I just watched part 1 of this documentary, and it accurately portrays just how things have unfolded around the world in the last 80 years. Don’t take my word for it, search it out for yourself. (declassified documents in particular) Another good Canadian documentary is called ‘The Corporation’, by Joel Balken, that came out in 2002. Anyone who would tell you differently is either brainwashed, or self serving. A great watch! Keep up the good work Documentary Storm.

      • ChristiantheIdiot says:

        “You are the most stupid person”…
        Hmm, I think you might take the cake with that comment… Bet you’re from the states, huh?


    • awful_truth says:

      I agree StarTrek. I have completed watching all 3 episodes, and documentaries don’t get much better than this. Pass the word around. The more people are made to think, the better, and this doc will do just that. Now if we could just get America to turn offf FOX news, and re-engaged with the rest of the world. (oh well, I can dream, can I not?)

    • truthtopower says:

      I agree, this was one of the best documentaries that’s come out recently, hopefully an Academy Award will bring these issues and information to the fore. GMO Food is biological warfare. I would hope that some of the wrongdoers would be tried in international court, as no one in the world can be free with America, hopefully the world can be free of America.

  2. KhaosCorp says:

    hohoho the socialists are still bitching about the fall of the Berlin wall…..fucking get over it you bunch of twats =) Im glad the soviet union is gone.

    • Matthew. says:

      Thank you. I do love to read intelligent, eloquently put, solid, well argued points like yours. Oh no, wait, you wrote nothing of worth to any thinking adult. Sorry, my mistake. I am sure that all of those poor people suffering in the former Soviet Union thought you were the most likely candidate to be their true savior.

      • KhaosCorp says:

        Matthew reminds me of this old man in the pub, whom after the second pint would always start talking about the past and the woman he once loved, but left him. =) Fucking looser. Welcome to 2013. Che is dead, Cuba is miserable, and the Chinese love Mcdonalds and D&G.

  3. christian says:

    In contrast to leftists I dont require leftist documentaries to be unbiased as leftist demand “right-wing” documentaries to be. But many of the analogies of this documentary is hilarious. Nonetheless a good documentary if you have studied political science or history and know the context, global perspective and broader knowledge than soundbites. For example the market reforms in chile lead to the chilean miracle, one book to read in contrast to this if interested in the truth rather than political self satisfaction or justification is “The Commanding Heights”.

    A good three part documentary for both the objective mind with critical thinking and the leftist fanatic :)

    • awful_truth says:

      Chilean Miracle? Obviously you are American, because the Chilean experiment was not only a disaster for their people, but Augusto Pinoche was later recognized as a ‘war criminal’. Sad as it may be, I can hardly wait until U.S economic collapse occurs, not because I wish ill feeling towards Americans, but because Edward Burnays was correct, and you won’t understand the truth, until it lands on your lap. Capitalism (competition) will only lead to global slavery, and the only reason you call it a miracle, is because you are not the one working 16 hour days, for 10 cents an hour. This is not support of communism, just the reality that democracy and capitalism are at odds with one another. (German leader Angela Merkle telling the Greek people that they have to support Austerity measures) Furthermore, America has millions of right wing fundamentalists claiming Christ as their own, like he was some gun toting capitalist. Personally, you should get your head out of your rearend, and smell what you are shovelling!

      • watcher says:

        nicely said ,and commanding heights,… the hypocrisys in the name , may i suggest you read between the lines next time you read the bible senior christian, “PAX AMERICANA” said jesus and chileans everywhere lined up to take it up the assssssss, imperial swines,you should be thrown in with the pigs see who eats who first, or maybe that would just make your fat friends happier ,keep us fighting amounst eachother.have faith in yourself, the truths your litmus test you bitter little man :)

        • christian says:

          Yeah, read your comment again and then do an objective conclusion on who is the “bitter little man” ;) I’m not the one cursing and using offensive language ;)))
          Im not american, im Noruego and damn happy for it. I love Jesus and give thanks to God. I have fat friends sure, and they are good loving people with good jobs. Have fun in the political and economical mess you call your country, my country will be bailing your country economy out thanks to people like me and my hard working fat friends :)
          I bet you and your friend “awfull truth” havent even read 50 books in your life, from your arguments I rate you at a high school level. Come back after you have studied more than just marxist articles.

          • BOO says:

            Yo Christian you sound so pompous and defensive. I was raised christian but abandoned it because of people like you. Your type would crucify Jesus because you’re to busy being pawns for the anti christ. Everything in your comments scream over privileged spoiled brat, very much like the faux religious rommney. I can only hope that some day you have an epiphany and will then be worthy of correcting your cancered soul. Fat cats make good eating my friend, but pigs must be cooked for a long long time.

            • christian says:

              Of Course I’m defensive when someone attacks me BOO :) You abondoned God because of behavior of people? Well this is isnt the place to discuss religion but you should go back and study theology and philosophy and make a intellectual conclusion. (1) Over priviliged? well I guess in the sense that I was born in the West with freedom then sure, most people live in tyranny and slavery in the world, Its up to the USA, EU and Japan to liberate the world. (2) Spoiled brat? You know nothing about me, I work 10 hours days and have 6-7 day work week, what do you do that makes you the proletariat ideal? Study liberal arts? haha ;) Only God can save my soul, ideology and politics is cancer in itself, its only function is redistribution of wealth as a control mechanism for power, control and extravagence living for the elite. As for being pompous then sure in debates I find it amusing to debate this way. Your last sentence I dont understand though, eat fat cats=eat the rich, ok I understand it. But cook pigs for long time? is that a metaphor for torturing non-marxists?

          • Biffany says:

            Noruego? Norwegian? That’s a pretty leftist country. It’s one of the most taxed.

            • christian says:

              If you think Norway is leftist then you either have no clue what leftist is or you dont know anything about Norway. Yes we have high taxation but we also have strong private property rights and capitalist economy.

              • DesertFlower78 says:

                Btw.. From everything I’ve read, & all I know of Norway – your country RULES! (I have spoken MANY times about this w/ people. It is truly the closest to utopia as I think a human society can get.)
                #1 in Standard of Living Overall (ranking in top 3 in all the good stuff, & super low in all the bad).. Something like 14 of the last 15-16 yrs!!
                As an American I studied how you’ve been able to achieve such a fantastic mix to get such results, hoping it could be emulated. But alas, while we definitely COULD stand to benefit from adopting many of your policies & practices (nationalized resources! properly functioning social democracy, etc.) I’m affraid it would simply be impossible for us to attain anything close w/ harmony.. A: our population is A LOT larger (& therefore harder to find consensus, help, & manage), B – we are far more diverse (this is a great source of strength & births innovation, but has also been cause for MUCH of the problems we faced). :/
                Also, America is super young, as nations go (like a teenager in country age).. So I joke that its ok for you guys to have it better figured out, after all ya got like a 1000 year head start. ;)
                Anyway…. Just wanted to give Norway some props. !!!! :)

          • awful_truth says:

            Ironic that you believe me to be unread, when you can’t even spell the name you are responding to.
            Question: How will your country bail out anyone when all your jobs have moved to other countries with cheap labor, or when the Chinese, and Saudi’s call in their markers? (they own most of your country now) Oh, that’s right, you feel quite secure with your military’ might is right’ mindset, don’t you? Well, so did Hitler, and look where it got him. Every empire crumbles, and the only thing you have to look forward to is hoping it doesn’t collapse in your lifetime.

          • awful_truth says:

            Ironic that you believe me to be unread, when you can’t even spell the name you are responding to.
            Question: How will your country bail out anyone when you are too busy hiding from American drone strikes?
            While I have no doubt that Norway is a great country to live in, (as is mine – I am Canadian) you may wish to expand your awareness before it is too late, or are you leaving it to your children to pick up the pieces? (intergenerational tyranny)
            P.S: As I recall, Christ martyred himself on the cross for all of humanity; (drove the moneychangers out of the temple – how dare you turn my fathers house into a shop – 3 of 4 canonic gospels)
            Christ didn’t hide behind the courage of others to expose the atrocities of greed! (just saying)

    • Matthew. says:

      Christian. The point that was made in the docu’ was that “it was claimed that”…”lead to the Chilean miracle”. Of course you are not expected to believe that there actually was any kind of miracle, or even that anything good at all came out of Pinochet’s murderous rule.

    • DesertFlower78 says:

      Chile? Friedman & his Chicago boys f#cked that place up pretty good. :/

  4. christian says:

    Damn this documentary uses tons of copyrighted soundtracks

  5. omaha says:

    Ok this is fucking bullshit

    In ep 3 apocalypse 54min the narrator says 72% of hungary preferred the communist model. I have many friends in Hungary and I have studied hungary and this is utter bullshit.

    In Hungary the life expectancy of a working class person is around 48 years, while a public bureaucrat has expected life of 75 years and this is during and under the communist and neocommunist rule.

    This statement proves that a huge predicted disproportionate amount of facts of this documentaries are complete propaganda in their own right.

    Might also add that the use of random poverty and drug use clips when referring to markets is something Goebbels would have absolutely loved.

    What a waste of time, too bad.

    • ChristiantheIdiot says:

      ..IS biased from an American view point, can’t expect too much truth – they’d make themselves look as horrendous as they really are.

  6. Loic Le Guen says:

    I only need to read the comments to know that the world is fucked, at least if the nuclear apocalypse had happened, there may have been a chance for the world to throw off the chains of ignorance and the oppression it engenders and something decent to rise from the ashes.

  7. madscirat says:

    The real tragedy is that it was all for nothing. We struggle to keep most of the world in impoverished ignorance in order to procure valuable resources yet the most valuable resource on earth is the human mind. How many geniuses have died in slums and unnecessary violence. How many scientific breakthroughs have been lost or delayed, how many great artists killed before they could pick up a pen or a paintbrush. We aren’t even gaining wealth from this barbarity, we a jeopardizing the very source of all wealth.

  8. 99% says:

    totally agreed,the best real history i have see in a while,to bad it is not to download for free,or buy the DVD, Something can’t find it anywhere. They should show this documentary to every school in the the U.S.A and abroad. This just reassures me that we diffidently are in uncharted territories around the globe today, [R]ovlution

  9. Jack Robson says:

    Its important – nay vital – to realise that it’s is not the average American doing this – he/she is as much a victim as anybody – the country is controlled by a cabal of evil people – the real evil empire – I’m English, by the way

  10. Jack Robson says:

    And we’re no better

  11. trouy says:

    where can i buy these dvds. i woud love to own them

  12. Zest says:

    For a more in-depth analyses of USA’s policies and its keys players after the WWII, watch Stone’s The Untold History of the United States, a 10-hour, very well put together documentary.

  13. SLIM says:

    The World is a wake up to America. America is the only Terrorist Country in the World. “The” most Disgusting Country in the World. Get rid of America and there will be World Peace.
    From Australia. We love Americans but we despise the people running the place. Americans have been Brainwashed.

  14. Extinction says:

    Sad thing is most of the middle class don’t ever have time to consider this stuff. Most of the value they produce gets taken by the truly wealthy via the corporate structure or government taxes, a bit more goes to support the unemployed, leaving just enough so they are forced to go back to work the next day in order to chase propaganda dreams perpetuated by puppets like Justin Bieber….
    There should be a Greek tragedy about this sort of stuff

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