Becoming 13

Becoming 13

48 minutes 5.33/10 based on 6 votes

Film maker Victoria King explores the wonders of girlhood by following three ordinary 12-year-olds for one year.

As the girls move from childhood into maturity, it’s clear that peer pressure becomes an important force to be reckoned. But the greatest influence in a young girl’s life is ultimately her family. Watch as these girls turn to mom for advice and wisdom on many different aspects including beauty, studies, and the future.

King’s creative approach which includes the use of “diary-cam” footage, not only follows the girls but allows them to question the world in their own voices. The interest they have in their mothers’ childhoods is amazing. But what’s even more amazing is to hear the moms admit that when they were 12, their own parents were a lot stricter than they are today. Why is this?

Although times have changed, some things can always be counted on. One of these is the comforting sense of security that comes from doing things together as a family. So whether it’s preparing a meal or working on a school project, the interaction helps them thrive.

Ultimately, the film reveals the complexities of being 12 years old in the 21st century; the struggles, the joys, the confusion. The film satisfies our curiosity, yet it invites us to wonder what comes next.

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5.33/10 (6 votes)

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