Blood and Oil

Blood and Oil

The Middle East in World War I

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In the spring of 2003, the United States invaded the country of Iraq and removed its dictator, Saddam Hussein from power. This, however, was just another episode in a long series of wars, revolts, and foreign occupations that have been going on in the Middle East for decades. The war in Iraq has happened before. In fact, there was war in the spring of 1941, during the British Invasion. When did all this conflict begin? And why has the Western world become so deeply involved in the Middle East?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found way back in 1914 when the Middle East was known as the Ottoman Empire. At that time its armies decided to fight in World War I. At Istanbul, three men ruled as dictators over more than 20 million people, half of who were Turks. The other half was made up of Greeks, Armenian, Arabs and other minorities. The names of the three dictators were Enver Pasha who was the Minister of War; Talaat Pasha, the Minister of Interior; and Djemal Pasha, the Minister of the Navy.

Enver Pasha was a very talented conspirator and plotter. He was determined at the time to join Germany and the Austria/Hungary Empire in their fight against France, Great Britain, and Russia. This conflict was obviously a European affair that had nothing to do with the Middle East, but the Ottoman Empire stubbornly joined the war anyway. After the fateful attack of October 1914, the Ottoman Empire never saw another day of peace.

Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, modern Turkey and other countries were born as a result of Great Britain and France dividing the “fruits of victory” after World War I. The Jews were promised a homeland in Palestine, but a homeland for the Kurds never materialized. The Kurds are spread to this day throughout Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. This disregard to their traditions and history accelerated the rise of Arab nationalism.

This feature-length documentary exposes the Western greed and political manipulation that for decades has paved the way for countless wars, overthrows, revolts, oppressive dictators, and military interventions in what we know today as the Middle East. It documents the historical happenings from October 1914 all the way to the Allied victory and declaration of the new Turkish Republic in 1923. Watch it now.

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8.58/10 (12 votes)

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2 responses to “Blood and Oil”

  1. steven says:

    There is no mention of the Berlin to Baghdad railway. That was needed to create a link to oil fields all the way to Europe. Germany and Britain both needed oil because of their naval buildup – the new large battle ships used oil rather than coal as a power source. This has even been suggested by some historians as THE cause of World War One. Yet we are told that the Ottoman involvement was the result of a “conspirator” – Enver Pasha. That Pasha was decisive in convincing the empire to enter the war may be true, but the interest in the war on the part of the Ottomans was a long-standing relationship with the Germany Empire based on the railway, at the time the largest infrastructure project in the world.

  2. Haider Gildred says:

    An excellent documentary that shows that the root of the problems the Middle East go back to 1916 and the greed and manipulations of the UK and France and an insistence a Jewish Zionist state as well as a lust for oil and land. That conflict continues to this day and now includes the USA and Russia supplementing what the British and French began. What the west terms as Islamic terror today has it’s rooted in western greed. The same is true in Afghanistan and the manipulations of the Soviets and US Governments that have brought over 30+ years of war and destruction. I don’t support terror, but the really terror began in the west of its greed for oil and minerals and continues and the true victims in this all are the Muslim peoples.

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