I’m Sameer From Damascus

I’m Sameer From Damascus

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The war in Syria has been going on for over five years. Many have fled the country but many have stayed. This film tells the story of those who stayed.

The Syrians were living normal lives just like anybody else anywhere else in the world when suddenly all hope was crushed as war broke out. They saw their country slip into darkness faster than they could have imagined.

One man, Sameer, lived in Aleppo where things are now rougher than outsiders can imagine. Like most people, he lost his home and was forced to move to Damascus. Damascus is one of the few peaceful cities left in Syria. Because of his job as a TV cameraman, Sameer is able to get a view of the war that most people have never seen before. He gets to see real people suffer through the nightmare and the terror and still remain standing.

Sameer started working alongside some Russian journalists who wanted to document what goes on in the lives of civilians during a war.  Unfortunately, as soon as the war began, TV stations were banned from purchasing updated equipment from the United States and Europe. This means that the stations have had to operate with old and dilapidated gear. Still, Sameer willingly started to work on the documentary.

Even though Damascus is relatively peaceful, nobody is really safe from terrorist attacks or mortars. People downtown have died on the street or in their offices because they were suddenly hit by shells or injured by shrapnel.

Every neighborhood has entry checkpoints that are constantly guarded by militia acting like police. Local residents patrol the streets to keep them safe. At first they were armed only with sticks, but they now carry heavy weapons. Many of the neighbors are battle hardened, because they have had to fight outside their own front doors.

Still, in spite of the darkness, the people of Damascus naturally seek light and life. They try to relax and make the best of it, because they are aware that life goes on. They have not allowed their spirits to be broken, yet they never really knew how much strength they possessed until they had to stare war in the face.

Joy and sadness live side by side in Syria. People have had to reorganize their priorities in order to adapt to the new reality. It’s painful to have to give up on dreams, but Syrians are willing to do whatever they have to do to stay in their beloved homeland. Watch this touching film now.

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7.00/10 (4 votes)

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  1. Maz says:

    Thank you for participating in Assad-Putin propaganda.
    PS: please verify at least the documentary source,

    Nous vous remercions d’avoir participé à la propagande Assad-Poutine.
    PS: s’il vous plaît vérifier au moins l’origine du documentaire,

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