The Myth of Violence

The Myth of Violence

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Despite having just lived through the bloodiest decade in human history (many did not live through it), MIT linguistic, biologist, and psychologist Steven Pinker believes that we are living in the most peaceful time in our species’ history.  In this TED presentation, Pinker sites the bible, civil wars, world wars, and our own neighborhoods as evidence that we are more peaceful – as a species – than ever before.

Hailing from Montreal, Steven Pinker has established himself as one of the major thinkers of our  age. This presentation was first delivered in 2007 and proved highly controversial. His research led to the publication of his most recent book on the subject.  Pinker charts the decline of violence from Biblical times to the present, and argues that, though it may seem illogical and even obscene, given Iraq and Darfur, we are living in the most peaceful time in our species’ existence.

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5.81/10 (16 votes)

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