Conscious Dreaming

Conscious Dreaming

Are You Awake?

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This documentary written and directed by Maija Koukkari was nominated for a Creative Scotland Student Media Award in 2014. It explores the concept of Conscious Dreaming and follows three beginners as they immerse themselves in the world of lucid dreaming.

Dreams have always been fascinating. Within us we have an inbuilt virtual reality that already exists. Most people usually realize that they were dreaming after they wake up. But it’s possible to become aware that one is dreaming during the dream itself and hence, be able to control details of the events. Lucid dreaming offers access to levels of the mind that are often inaccessible during the waking state.

With the help of experts, each of the three subjects embrace a unique method designed to help them achieve lucidity.

The first subject will use meditation. Meditation is regarded as one of the most important and effective methods for inducing lucid dreaming. There is evidence that people who meditate lucid dream more often. Another subject will be using traditional methods such as Reality Testing and the Wake Back to Bed Method (WBTB). The third subject will be using modern technology with apps that are specifically designed to help a person create lucid dreams.

Before each candidate pursues her individual methods, they meet to discuss what they hope to gain from the experience if they become successful in being able to lucid dream.

There is a growing number of lucid dreaming teachers in the UK. These professionals hold monthly group meetings where people come to share their dreams and gain experience in their practice. There are many techniques and tricks that one can do in order to lucid dream. Most of them are simple, others a bit more complicated. Those people who have experienced it say it gives them a strong sense of freedom. The good news is that anybody can learn to lucid dream, no equipment in necessary, and it doesn’t matter what you believe or where you sleep. All you have to do is be asleep. Some people get lucid after the first try, others take much longer.

It seems like lucid dreaming may follow the same path as clinical hypnosis. There is a lot of scientific evidence about the benefits, although there are still no lucid dreaming therapists.

Some of the UK’s leading experts analyze the ideas and practice behind lucid dreaming and consciousness. Dr. Keith Hearne, Charlie Morley, Caroline McCready, and Susan Blackmore all willingly contributed to the information presented in this film. This documentary offers as an introduction to anyone that is new to lucid dreaming. At the same time it hopes to inspire many people to explore the potential that can come as a result of experiencing their own conscious dreams.

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7.58/10 (12 votes)

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