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This film takes the viewer on a trip to visit production landscapes, shipyards, and factories in China to unveil the secret world of the objects we use on a daily basis. While industrial machinery hums in the background, a single worker tells his story.

He traveled from his village to work at this factory along with hundreds of others from different parts of the country. Most workers live in the dorms in cramped spaces but he rents a tiny apartment where he lives with his wife and children. The pay at this factory is better than in most places. Another perk is that they receive specialized training where they learn new skills. This is something that is not available at most other factories.

On the downside, the work schedule is not fixed since it depends on the orders they receive. For example, October is always a busy month because of the upcoming Western holidays.

He takes pride in the work of his hands and he is aware that the items he assembles end up in shops all over the world. Watch this interesting short film now.

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9.09/10 (11 votes)

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