Flipping The World – Drugs Through a Blue Lens

Flipping The World – Drugs Through a Blue Lens

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You might have seen Randy rolling on the sidewalk and drooling. The stench of his body might have caused you to cross the street. You might not even have attributed his antics to drug addiction, but to some kind of mental illness. But after a year of being sober he walks into the room as a healthy man and earns the awed stares of seven high school students. They had just watched footage of him when he was on drugs and had predicted that he had gone too far to change.

This documentary is an honest look at the world of youth and drug addiction as told by those who have been there. Seven culturally diverse high school students meet with members of the Odd Squad – Vancouver police officers who have been tracking and filming people addicted to drugs since 1998.

The students talk to the cops honestly about what pushes young people into drugs. Then they meet some young people in recovery and others struggling with drug addiction. This film is an important discussion starter that provides a wealth of teachable moments for anyone who works with youth.

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7.69/10 (13 votes)

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7 responses to “Flipping The World – Drugs Through a Blue Lens”

  1. k m says:

    sweet, my dad was part of this, I know those guys.

    • Button Man says:

      no way 4 realz i think what they are doin is just great,Because of this show i have a way different look on the police.These guys were awesome i wish all police were like them,

  2. KEV says:

    Ive been into allsorts of addictive substances so i know the score but to openly score and inject drugs in the street ive only seen in videos.
    anything like that happened where i am in scotland youd be quickly arrested..kinda weird seeing it happen like this and think it would be much easier if someone was to experiment by simply going to a block to get drugs..dosent work that way here.

  3. karen todd says:

    Brilliant! This is beautiful- knowing that this in no way is going to help everyone- it is the first documentary I’ve seen -that is not only honest- but treats addicts like they are human beings- not freaks- or criminals and all the other crap words that go with addicts and addiction. What a concept- What the United States has done to set back opportunities to help addicts see not only themselves – but also to thwart roads to their hopes of recovery – if they have them… is criminal – as criminal as the War on Drugs. The sooner people realize that the only purpose the war on drugs serves is to ensure a steady supply of black market drugs- allowing freedom to the real money makers behind the scenes who never need worry about jail time – while not only making fortunes selling the drugs – but also adding great wealth to their bank accounts in the lucrative incarceration game as well- causing nothing but suffering with both ends of this business-

  4. Mark Tall says:

    I COULD”T AGREE MORE! of what Karen comment was. here in Calgary the POLICE are very far & between vs the Vancouver police we saw in this documentary,here it”s more than likely throw you in jail , treat you as scum & than some dumb ass remark like ” why don”t you go to a doctor & get fixed”? they far more enjoy getting there fu#%ing hero cookie by being able to throw in jail once again& due to that happening losing any thing you have ie: belongings,your shelter & so on. cause now when you get released , you have zero & got to start over again from the bottom plus with your addiction {s} ! cause just because you were in jail don”t mean your addiction free by no means! HONESTLY we some how got to put all the crap,mind games & knocking a person feet from under them ALL A SIDE & deal with this problem as if it a loved one of your own just maybe than things would turn around!?!? other wise lets all face it—NO ONE IS A WINNER & FURTHER MORE THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE OR EVEN A HAPPY ENDING. its s i m p l e a fact of life…..hummm

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