Kids Behind Bars

Kids Behind Bars

99 minutes 8.04/10 based on 25 votes

Hidden away in the very darkest corners of countries that would rather not acknowledge their existence, there is an army of children whose voices are never heard. They can be raped, tortured, beaten and murdered by adults who supposedly represent the law, yet enjoy almost total immunity from it.

Children are tortured in police custody. They are held in prisons in inhuman and degrading conditions. They are denied the due process which should guarantee them fair trials. They are held for years without charge. They are forgotten by the world that walks past the bars of their existence.

With unprecedented and unique access to juvenile prisons around the world, this film looks at the experience of incarceration for juvenile offenders in countries as diverse as the U.S.A. and India, the UK and Brazil.

Released in 2001. 99 min. Directors: Brian Woods & Kate Blewett. Documentary film.

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8.04/10 (25 votes)

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3 responses to “Kids Behind Bars”

  1. Tracy says:

    I question the wisdom of incarcerating these children from such an early age. While behavioural problems must be addressed, so many of these kids already seem to be trapped in a revolving door institutional cycle. Give them a year or two & it’ll be jail. When they do get released, they return home to their families.

    I am not suggesting that every one of these children comes from a dysfunctional home but handling severe behaviour problems appropriately requires skills that the average parent lacks. Unless they are able to participate in a programme that involves learning new strategies & that also includes their troubled children ( well as any other siblings) the kids will wind up back in the system. Sending the kids away to ‘be repaired’ or even ‘reformed’ won’t work. A thorough phydical examination wouldn’t hurt either: there may be some neurological issues, food allergies or chemical imbalances etc. contributing to their outbursts.

  2. leer says:

    Is the 3rd episode going to be streamed?

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