The Nuremberg Trials

The Nuremberg Trials

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April 19th, 2012 is Holocaust Memorial Day. Today we are presenting a 1950 documentary about the Nuremberg Trials. The trials were held in 1945-47 to try the highest ranking Nazis against crimes of humanity. The trials were held in Nuermberg, Germany.

The Allies had won the war and found themselves with the very ugly task of prosecuting the Nazis. The trials were held in the Palace of Justice.  Hitler and Himmler had committed suicide at the end of the war but many top ranking Nazis were still alive and captured by the Allied Forces. The world has just witnessed the Holocaust and the Second World War. This was a chance for justice.  This is a powerful film to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

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5.72/10 (43 votes)

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6 responses to “The Nuremberg Trials”

  1. Scott says:

    Never again. 

  2. Chris says:

    what kind of idiot is giving this a low rating?

  3. Tero says:

    I dont understand why people always rate everything with either 1 or 6 star. When you look at average rating in this site its 5 stars. Start rating honestly based on quality, resolutin etc. If you rate movie 4 it does not mean it shit it means its not the best out there.

    PS: if only the rating system would be more like in IMDB

  4. My dad was a ww2 vet and POW and he only told me of the horrors he witnessed when he knew he was dying in 2006.

  5. Ricky Allen says:

    i wouldn’t mind me some tight little jewish putang

  6. Andy says:

    Sadly one of the documentaries recording mans inhumanity to his own kind, and still we refuse to learn from this w
    ar of madness. Thank goodness we have archives to educate us all. Should be mandortory in all schools at a reasonable age. The quality of the film is similar to any of this era and most would understand this, for what it is the quality wold be classed as fair to reasonable to history buffs.

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