New Swirled Order

New Swirled Order

51 minutes 5.29/10 based on 14 votes

In the last 30 years, over 10,000 Crop Circles have been reported.

Explanations vary with some believing that they are alien-made, while others believe there are always human pranksters that are responsible. Or could they be made by an electromagnetic seagull with enhanced laser-vision, beaming down artistic thoughts? Okay, well probably not, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding this phenomenon and this documentary explores these strange occurrences.

Whoever or whatever is behind these geometrical figures, crop circles are both beautiful and mysterious.

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5.29/10 (14 votes)

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4 responses to “New Swirled Order”

  1. knottyrich says:

    what…some one has to send me this vid?? crazy

  2. Michael Kinsey says:

    The origin of these patterns will not be revealed, until the antichrist reveals himself as their author.The conclusions offered by researchers are very enlightening. These will claim Christianity to be a false religion and deceive many. These beings are not corporal and definitely have intelligence. Perhaps it is Abbadon and his boys.

  3. Roy says:

    The baffling level of stupidity reaches its zenith at around 20:30 when the ‘mathematician’ reveals that the all common crop circle patterns can be duplicated by compass and trigonometry, then instead of concluding they were designed and made by people using these same disciplines he opines that they are instead messages from aliens. Definitely the simpler explanation.

    A word of advice to New Age theorists. Never base your ideas on the assumption that if you are not intelligent enough to make something, then humans can not make it. This is a particularly dangerous assumption for New Agers to make considering how phenomenally stupid most of them appear to be.

  4. Michael Kinsey says:

    I don’t recall writing the blog beneath me, or seeing this video. I do not confirm his conclusion. ntelligence , yea, intent escapes me.

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