Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations

Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations

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It was Desiderius Erasmus, the great Dutch humanist, who said “Give light and darkness will disappear of itself.” This  controversial film brings to light a number of dark practices that are common to what we have come to know as the Government.

The film exposes an unconstitutional state in which several chains of command are allowed to take over Government capabilities and taxpayer funds to commit heinous crimes against humanity. From its establishment, this agency has operated deceitfully; it has a clandestine side known as Black Operations as well as the acceptable side dedicated to intelligence analysis.

The CIA was set up to organize propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, sabotage, demolition, subversion against hostile states, assistance to underground resistance groups, and support to indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world. From the beginning it was steeped in elitism; its top leaders were mostly Wall Street lawyers. New recruits were sought through the top Ivy League Universities, particularly Yale. Thus the CIA obtained an atmosphere of a class reunion.

This agency was given authority to conduct programs which were officially non-existent, meaning they would be deniable. They were to be planned and executed in such a way that the U.S. Government’s involvement would not be evident to unauthorized persons. The acts that were uncovered and traced back to the Government would be easy to negate. Thus the Government would not be made responsible for them.

During the 2004 Presidential Elections, a macabre Yale fraternity known as Skull and Bones gained national attention when it was revealed that both the Republican and the Democratic candidate were members of this secret society. In fact, its membership has included some of the most powerful figures in US history. Among them was the CIA’s first Director of Personnel. Skull and Bones is quite an unusual fraternity. Its meeting place, called The Tomb, is decorated with real human skulls. The thought that many members of a Government agency that was created to protect the people, belong to a secret society that demands criminal acts as part of the initiation process is disturbing.

From the birth of the national security state with its mass proliferation of propaganda, to the ongoing drone warfare and the deterioration of constitutional rights, this documentary exposes some of the most significant and outright censored information about Black-Ops. The film shines a spotlight on the real conspiracies in a factual, transparent, and responsible way. Watch it now.

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7.62/10 (47 votes)

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7 responses to “Counter-intelligence: Shining a Light on Black Operations”

  1. Joygungun says:

    oh,oh…government came and threw a bag over this movies head and bundled it into a van…

  2. tjward47 says:

    does anyone else find it hilarious that “this video does not exist” ooo what an ironic twist

  3. tjward47 says:

    thx for the link

  4. justme2001 says:

    This video does not exist …..

  5. noboundryman says:

    (Militarism) one could imply, is literally a “disease of the (collective mind)”. It in infects whole societies spreading rapidly through the (vector) of (fascist media), (deliberately uneducated, brainwashed populations) and carefully coordinated propaganda. In fact like the flu, it simply mutates into new strains constantly evolving. Requiring the society to find a new vaccine with every new generation in order to prevent pandemic, and disaster. The main (tool / strategy) of the virus to invade the (cells of the collective consciousness), is the paradoxical threat of (naivete) of fear of (disarming to invest in peace). The idea, the (viral strategy) is that one can never reduce ones superiority to (“any” degree), for fear of naively showing weakness, and foolishly succumbing to the threat of enemy ruse.
    The US war machine cosmically, and completely dwarfs all other militaries on earth by several orders of magnitude. Yet the deluge, and plague of (hyperbolic militarism), the (military industrial complex) Eisenhower, and many others of gravitas warned us about vociferously, has infected us. It is ravaging the populations of infected nations, and families all over America, and the world. Lest the world forget, the poor, and middle class in America are also the victims of this virus. We have apparently been so deeply infected, and weakened by decades of treason, deception, subterfuge, and seditious propaganda, extraction, and abuse we have been rendered (((“almost”))) incapable of fighting back.
    Being primarily a psychological disorder, it may only require a change in attitude, and perception to cure ourselves before it consumes us in mortal confusion, and global disaster. Ask the people who witnessed first hand, as the world slipped into total psychosis in WWII. World wide civilian, and military casualties, from bombing, starvation, forced labor, mass murder,and disease, are estimated somewhere around (60,000,000 million) and that was just old fashioned 20th century killing technology. “Oh how far we’ve come.”

  6. awful_truth says:

    Well, if you are looking for a definitive documentary that sums up the evil ( greed/power) that is running the world, you need look no further then here. Everything is factual, and put together in a nice tidy package, that is straight forward, and easy to understand. If you are someone who can handle the awful truth, this documentary is for you. (morally sound) For everyone else, locate your happy place, and don’t leave! (hypocrisy, stage left)
    P.S: Be thankful you can even watch something like this. (it doesn’t get any better)

  7. LadyElaine says:

    For those of you saying you can not watch-it works for me.

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