Zeitgeist: The Movie

Zeitgeist: The Movie

117 minutes 6.69/10 based on 42 votes

For the conspiracy buffs out there, you’ve probably already seen or at least heard of Zeitgeist: The Movie. This film is renowned for its compelling narrative and controversial subject matter yet there are plenty that call the documentary out for it’s alleged factual errors.

The documentary is broken down into three parts covering a range of topics:

– Part 1 goes into the Christ myth theory, which this film refers to as The Greatest Story Ever Told.

– Part 2 will explore alternative explanations to the September 11th attacks in NYC. The media told us one thing but Zeitgeist ventures to provide us with alternative, darker, explanations.

– Part 3 is about the global conspiracy by bankers to consolidate power for themselves at the cost of the general population. The main argument is that the wars of the 20th century were all fueled by the desire for economic gain.

After watching, leave a comment with what you thought. “Zeitgeist: The Movie” or “Zeitgeist: The Nonsense”?

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6.69/10 (42 votes)

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20 responses to “Zeitgeist: The Movie”

  1. Deimos says:

    Don’t be fooled people. These Zeitgeist films are complete rubbish!

  2. DocWhore says:

    Good doc, if you haven’t seen a zeitgiest documentary then watch one. One of most viewed docs on the internet. I seen em all. The religion one and the banking one are pretty good. Judge it for yourself, take it with a grain of salt and don’t mind the bible thumping haters.

  3. Markus says:

    The Zeitgeist Part 1 Sourcebook transcript & sources

    Rebuttal to Dr. Chris Forbes concerning ‘Zeitgeist, Part 1’

    Zeitgeist Part 1 & the Supportive Evidence

  4. Michael says:

    Easy to build a loose set of linkages using the English language …. the film makers fail to realise that their references and use of Sun and Son for example, have different meanings in Hebrew, Latin , Aramaic etc. Yeah sure …. some acculturation did take place, whereby certain elements of pagan worship were merged into Christian teaching (a good example is the Celtic Cross), however most Christians, whether Catholic or Protestant, believe because they CHOOSE to believe. When it comes to FAITH as opposed to a set of beliefs/theology, the arguments set down in this film are not only tenuous but completely irrelevant!!

    Oh …. One more point … the narrator alludes to Jesus’ conception as the “immaculate conception”!! …. Fail!… Once again the film is shown to be not properly researched and reinforces it’s secular-fascist agenda ….. The Immaculate Conception in Christian (especially in Catholicism) belief refers to the conception of Mary and not Jesus!!

    • Sherry says:

      Too many people have no clue what they’re talking about when it comes to religion:

      The Son of God is the Sun of God

      Jesus Christ Never Existed

    • madscirat says:

      Exactly, most religious people freely choose what to believe. That’s why in the coming years it’s quite probable that the dominant religion in India will switch to Christianity or the dominant religion in America will become Islam. Yep, absolutely no correlation between a person’s birthplace and what they choose to believe because it’s their choice. It’s not as if most people automatically accept the religion they’re exposed to in childhood because that would mean the religions of nations and geographic regions would remain relatively stable over time and we all know that they constantly oscillate back and fourth. Hmmm maybe Russia will be Buddhist tomorrow?

  5. Frances Farmer says:

    People just need to read the source guide before bashing the film. Of course it’s biased and subjective, but it’s trying to provide a thought provoking and intrguing alternative to the shite they put out in the media. It’s important to educate and learn as much in possible in life. The 9/11 part needs to be played in every american school and put out in prime time t.v.

  6. Angry Jack says:

    I try to be cynical about things like this but much of it is overwhelming – credible, conventional witnesses not freaky looking ex-hippies – and many facts I know from research elsewhere to be true – above all, just look at 9.11 – I had a client that was a demolition company – they blow up high rise apartment blocks – and they look exactly like the WTC – and if governments lie about that they can lie about anything – a good metaphor is the invasion of the body snatchers movie – do not just do nothing and end up like them

  7. Christian says:

    This is a bunch of garbage! It’s real simple! Jesus Is The Way My Brothers And Sisters! Who gives you your next breath?

  8. Justin Sane says:

    Go believe your Everything in your Bible then!

  9. sick race says:

    america is godless, corrupt and cannot be trusted. I hate america and everything it stands for. I’m a white middleclass westerner that tries to see things fairly and americans stink, what a bunch of brainwashed losers. If it doesn’t happen inside america, then you know nothing about it, you have your heads up your own back sides. put simply, a bunch of ignorant, greedy, murdering, self centered lyers

  10. Duncan Storrar says:

    not shore about the 9 11 stuff the rest was good but we are not going to stand up I belive it all am a soclist card carrying but hay I still have my internet my iphone and because im human and I know my iphone and computer makes child killers in Africa because we all just want quiet lives I will keep buying till my world stops for us all

  11. Duncan Storrar says:

    its simple you cant have this life we have with all our rubbish designed to keep us quiet so rich get richer and we get nothing if you reading this on a computer you have sold out I have sold out unless you live a hunter gather life you have sold out you can have a hunter gather life style any other form of life style is selling out cos to live any other way will lead uds to what we have now its ok thow we will be sort lived once the world throws us of it it we regenerate and life will continue we are just a evolutionary mistake

  12. karen d says:

    More than 5 minutes into it and no words have been heard, no words to read on the screen, just ominous music and images. Seems like crap so far. Is this all there is to this so-called “documentary”, just bloody and upsetting images?

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