One Killer Punch

One Killer Punch

48 minutes 2017 9.54/10 based on 26 votes

This documentary shares three dramatic stories that highlight how one split second decision can change a person’s entire life.

Ben Hayes decided to attend a party at the last minute. His plans were to show up and do normal teenage stuff—drink a little, joke around and talk to a few girls.  The party was too loud and so he and a girl went out to a nearby park where they could have a more private conversation. A few people who were not on the guest list turned up at the party and things started to get out of hand. One thing led to another and what began as an innocent night of fun ended in tragedy for two young men.

Then there’s the story of what happened at the car park when Bryan Holme’s wife parked in a disabled space so he could run inside the shopping center and pick up a pair of shorts while she went to get some groceries. Another driver came along, saw Bryan, and assumed that he had taken the disabled space illegally. He voiced his anger. One thing led to another and an innocent shopping trip turned into a nightmare.

And finally there was that time when Ben got a haircut that wasn’t really trending at the moment. A man he’d never seen before happened to be at the same bar where Ben and his friend were drinking.  The man made a sarcastic comment to him about his hair. Many hours later they met again and decided to settle the imaginary score. The outcome was more than any of them could have imagined.

Is it true that men have an irrepressible need to show their strength, especially in front of their peers? Could any of these three misfortunes have been avoided? What would you have done if you were in their shoes? Draw your own conclusions as you watch this film.

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9.54/10 (26 votes)

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