Secular Believers

Secular Believers

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6.60/10 (5 votes)

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4 responses to “Secular Believers”

  1. mactimbo64 says:

    This ridiculous unscientific fear-mongering rubbish is exactly why I am an atheist. I used to believe this was the world’s fate…when I was a kid and religion was being forced upon me. Then I grew up. I began using reason and logic. Now I use the scientific method to explain the natural world, not a Bronze Age story book. Think about it.

    • mactimbo64 says:

      sorry…had two windows open and clicked in the wrong one…the above message is is about the End of The World Prophecies video not Secular Believers, which I enjoyed very much.

    • Muhammad Rizwan says:

      u believe in science then u r on God’s religion.Islam tells us much about this universe and human than any other religion and is proven scientifically.if u r interested i will give u details

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