The Alpha Diaries

The Alpha Diaries

66 minutes 2007 6.18/10 based on 22 votes

The Alpha Diaries was shot over a 5 year period in the life of director and reserve soldier, Yaniv Berman. Each year for 30 days, when Alpha Company got together, the camera came along to tell the unique story of the Israeli Army Reserves.

This movie is a view into the looking glass, to remind us what is happening in our own back yard, lest we forget.

The director contacted directly to request that we give this documentary exposure. He welcomes all comments to his documentary. Leave a comment below.

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6.18/10 (22 votes)

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16 responses to “The Alpha Diaries”

  1. Rob C. says:

    Is this stuff even legal? unbelievable doc. Wow! Hard to put in perspective at times. ‘Kinda sad and funny.

  2. geoff says:

    i can see why these people hate Israel .they treat the Palestinians like the nazis treated them . sad. a sense of superiority lies in your bones. just like the americans. im an american and i am ashamed of my nations policies . no wonder they fight you with terrorism. you deserve it.

    • jimjoe says:

      Did we watch the same documentary? What reminded you of the Nazis? What did these soldiers do exactly? I saw no signs that they felt superior any way, or that they even enjoyed what they were doing. And what WERE they doing? Unless you are an anarchist, I don’t see how you could find any real fault with what they were doing. They exception of course, would be the way they treated the office supplies of the Palestinian Authority headquarters (though in fairness, while they through paper binders and folders, they didn’t seem to have broken anything) and the fact that they sole coffee cups from the office. Besides that inexcusable behavior, they simply did what any police force would do. They went to the houses of accused members of violent gangs in order to arrest the person and bring him to trial. When no one answered at the house, they broke down the door. They then searched the house of the accused for weapons and evidence. The only difference is that since the autonomous police force of the Palestinian Authority only ever goes after lower ranking members of groups that they feel are they’re political rivals, and since Israeli citizens are the targets of most of the groups violence, the Israeli Army arrests the others.
      Have you ever seen footage of Nazi operations in the territories they controlled? Have you seen how they treated the Jews and other ‘undesirables’? How is what we saw here in ANY way reminiscent of that? The Nazis gathered the Jews and other ‘undesirables’ , who were in the vast majority innocent of any crimes, and either systematically killed them in mass graves, or imprisoned them until later being forced into slave labor while being starved to death, or killed them outright in death camps. How is that in any way similar? How can you even compare the treatment of the partisans by the Nazis? The Nazis would randomly kill dozens of innocent civilians for each German soldier killed by partisans. Those partisans targeted invading German soldiers and not German civilians, yet the German soldiers retaliated against civilians. These soldiers, in response to attacks on civilians, have been sent to ARREST members of the gangs that have targeted civilians, and collect evidence for trial.
      I also fail to see the ‘sense of superiority’ you speak of. While many Nazis humiliated and beat Jews in the street (you can see many videos of such behavior towards old men and women who don’t even try to defend themselves out of fear–despite the fact that not just anyone could buy a camera and take it everywhere like today with cheap inexpensive digital cameras there is still so much footage of such behavior). But here, where the soldiers are only arresting members of violent gangs that attack their friends and family, they dislike what they are doing and feel sorry for the families of the accused.

      • you are in SERIOUS denial

      • flora says:

        I couldn’t be bothered reading all of this but — What about when they piled up the captives in the van, on top of one another like a mere object and then they sat in the van singing ‘momma, I just killed a man’- he looked down at the captives and smirked.
        One soldier even said at one point, when speaking about farting, how it is only ‘here’ as a soldier, they can become animals. It turns them. That’s why some are able to kill without remorse.

        They have to try to like what they do, they have no choice. Their government isn’t doing much to help, they continue to be attacked, whether or not they are picked to fight or if they choose to, they’d feel an obligation to get back the society they once knew

    • Flora says:

      What is wrong with you. They do not hate Israel. It’s much more fear than anything

  3. jamie says:

    gila in 5..4..3..2..1..

  4. Raven says:

    I lived in Israel for a year when I was 16. I understand what the soldiers go through. As for Geoff…..I don’t care what nationality you are, these guys live under conditions their entire lives that you could NEVER comprehend unless you yourself have been there! Nazi’s? How dare you!! These men feel horrible about the things they have to do as soldiers. Overall, the Nazi’s enjoyed their work and far too much at that!! You should be ashamed!

    My heart goes out to all soldiers that are forced into battle or any situation similar to what is shown here.

    Shalom Alechem

    • madscirat says:

      >My heart goes out to all the soldiers that are forced into battle
      >soldiers that are forced into battle
      >forced into battle

      Oh, you mean like much of the Wehrmact?

    • irishchavez says:

      the point u seem to be missing is that when it comes to questions of morality it is 100% up to the individual to make the decision wether to do or not do something that they know is wrong. If the result is that they are punished for not doing these evil deeds, then that is what they must be willing to accept if they claim to truly have any conscience! Feeling ‘sorry’ or ‘bad’ about inflicting years of oppresive and humilating occupation upon another human being simply doesn’t cut it in a civilised world..

  5. Flora says:

    So you lived through the Holocaust Raven?

  6. archont says:

    Hasbara, so much hasbara. Israel is a warmongering nation constantly committing crimes against Palestine and it’s inhabitants – and the western world knows this. Israel is getting little popular support and citizens of western countries are overwhelmingly calling for a free Palestine. The majority of US citizens believes the US should leave their middle east collaborator to it’s own devices – it’s really obvious how Israel is breaking into Lebanon, colonizing Palestinian soil all while pushing their apartheid wall further and further.

    This was a well-made documentary in that it doesn’t carry as much zionist propaganda as others – surprisingly little in fact, something I appreciate. Nontheless I’m always suspicious of Jewish-made movies, Israel spends more on PR than Palestine on military+healthcare+police+PR combined.

  7. My Dad was a WWII vet who fought in the Battle of The Bulge; and he said he wishes there was never any more war or fighting EVER in the world. I also believe that

  8. JohnnyTruant says:

    The way these soldiers treat the Palestinians is disgusting. Whether it is on a par with the treatment ‘they’ (I assume you all mean European Jews) is irrelevant. Also, the treatment they received from the Nazis does not legitimise (morally) the state OR their behaviour. Absolutely deplorable.

  9. pete says:

    to not see any wrong in what Israel is doing to this people

    My God !!! talk about denial !!!!

  10. Domenic says:

    The Israelis are worse than Nazis! That’s because they are doing what was done to them. Israel is displacing the arabs, stealing their homes and and, restricting their movements & took their rights. If the world allowed them exterminate the palestanians it would have been done .Israel is the root of all the issues in the middle east. who cares the bible says god gave them the land, that was 2000 years ago and nothing is the same. When the Arabs finely had enough and Israel gets NUKED. Problem solved!!! I’m not a NAZI, or racist. I’m canadian and I’m discusted with the immoral actions of the Jews

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