The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective

The Greater Good: A Hitchhike Perspective

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Picking up a hitchhiker is no different than being a taxi cab driver because they give strangers rides all the time, one man declares. Another confesses that he has never picked up a hitchhiker he didn’t like. Then there’s a young man that really opens up and shares his story of abuse and how that has helped him to become more sensitive to the needs of others. Some people believe that more motorists should help out hitchhikers. If rideshares are acceptable why aren’t more people open to picking up hitchhikers?

In the film, we join Thomas Francine on his world travelers as he talks to fellow hitchhikers about how they were able to travel the world with almost no cash. Each of their experiences are different, but the stories all speak of the absence of danger and meeting some good people out there. In fact, one young man adds that it’s really hard to be angry at the world when so many people are willing to be generous to total strangers. Many of them start hitchhiking very young, as early as age nine or ten.

However, some things have changed. One knowledgeable hitchhiker states that back when he started, he wouldn’t be on the road for more than five minutes before he would get a ride. In the last few years, he has noticed that it sometimes takes a few days before somebody stops. Some believe that the media is to blame for this change. People are not as trusting as they used to be because the media has become more focused on sensationalism and in so doing have been portraying hitchhikers in a negative light.

The bottom line is that life is really enjoyable and if one puts away fear and takes the time to love people, others will join in because what we’re all really looking for is for someone willing to show us that it’s ok to love. If we spent more time looking for the good, in spite of the evil that may be present, there would be a major shift in the world.

Thomas Francine has hitchhiked over 26,000 miles through 34 states and 13 different countries. He has often left himself vulnerable to danger yet amazingly; he has not encountered a single situation in which he felt threatened. Join Thomas on his journey as he talks to world hitchhikers and encourages them to share their stories. Watch this film now.

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9.10/10 (21 votes)

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