Kony 2012

Kony 2012

30 minutes 2012 3.71/10 based on 21 votes

Our regular news outlets often overlook some of the world’s worst atrocities. This 30 minute documentary, Kony 2012,  will open your eyes to one of the worst crimes against humanity that is still going on today: Joseph Kony is the leader of Uganda’s most dangerous guerrilla group, the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Joseph Kony, using 66,000 (other estimates are over 100,000) children as soldiers and displacing over 2 million people since starting his ‘holy’ rebellion.

In 2005, he was indicted by the International Criminal Court for his war crimes but has been on the run ever since. He is still living free and fighting. Three documentary film makers went to Uganda to record the truth and raise global awareness. As the film’s creators have said that their intentions for the film are “not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.”

Also, here is a critical review of Kony 2012. It is important to study both sides of an issue before drawing your own conclusions.

Do your part of the battle by informing yourself through this eye-opening documentary and spreading the word to others that have not heard about the atrocities this man is committing to innocent civilians. Joseph Kony needs to be captured so he can face the trial and justice could be served.

UPDATE:  One fact that has not well been reported? Kony isn’t in Uganda and the war footage they use in the documentary is mostly not from Uganda, as well.

UPDATE: Obama administration congratulates filmmakers.

UPDATE, March 8th, 2012: There has been a huge amount of worldwide interest in this documentary and it has been received acclaim as well as some criticism. In response to the criticism, the filmmakers have released an official response. Read the official response.

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3.71/10 (21 votes)

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32 responses to “Kony 2012”

  1. sean says:

    Superoverated!..not to belittle the terrible things that are going on there. But the director acts like it’s brand new…There are all sorts of countries where this stuff is taking place…….narrator/presentor was kinda douchebaggy

  2. Kenneth says:

    This shit is corporate propaganda. This happens in just about every corner of the world, educate yourself and you’ll realize.

    • someguysays says:

      True, this is not a documentary in any sense, its bias as fuck. Cheezy, they are also misusing their donatied founds, and it dosent even paint an up to date picture of the war. Just misleading people to feel good by liking it on face, and pat your self on the shoulder for posting it to twitter from your fucking Iphone. Dont get me wrong I am all for a stop to the atrocities, all over the African continent, but thats a huge task. This dosent man up to it at all. Just hipster yap. I only hope this wont be remembered as the time we accomplished something, as internet peeps, and give reason for decades more of smug lazy existence, procrastinating of a stead fast ignorant world view, which is bound to shatter sooner or later. Not saying this wont contribute to any good, just saying this is an awful way of doing it…… This shit is really corporate propaganda

        • Henrik Ogunleye says:

          It’s too bad that the criticism rebuttal page doesn’t attempt to refute some of the more interesting theories on this subject, i.e. the suspicion that this is yet another natural resource grab disguised as a “humanitarian mission” (and “military advisors” are already in the country anyway…)

          The poster for this movie is pathetic / childish as well- can someone please tell me what Kony, Hitler and OBL are supposed to have in common besides the high death tolls attributed to them? To at least make some attempt at coherence, the poster should feature an image of Idi Amin, another murderous Ugandan nutcase.

  3. leerwesen says:

    “The enemy of my enemy is not my friend” pretty much sums this up!

  4. Seth says:

    Wow I can’t believe all these comments hating on a charity. I’m not one who is easily swayed by sentiment or emotional blackmail but was able to look past that and recognize and admirable cause and an effective new model for social activism. Here’s a link from IC responding to their critics.

  5. Quaresma says:

    This guy is trying to do something good, something important, but some people who cannot care for someone else other than themselfs like the ones who posted comments before me, like to think all the world is careless like them. “This won’t do any good”, “it’s corporate propaganda”, “he’s a douchebag”… Well, at least SOMEONE is doing SOMETHING for someone ELSE.

    • bosuk says:

      Cool, at last SOMEONE is going to get more guns there so they can capture SOMEONE and at the same time do SOMETHING to everyone ELSE there. It`s good, it`s important, let`s care for SOMEONE else other than us, forget the outcome good intentions is what matters. And GOLD is just a coincidence not worth mentioning when it`s all about saving children, isn`t it? The fact, that ONE will have to kill those kids first, as most likely Kony and his little troopers will fight till the end is irrelevant.

      Btw some unralated bs about Uganda laying on the crossroads of major regional gold trends and other deposits. BORING!


  6. If you’re thinking about this movie, you should watch Catherine Hébert’s *The Other Side of the Country*. It shows some of the complexities of the situation this movie does not.

  7. L says:

    DO NOT DONATE! This company pockets a fair sum of its profits, and the other chunk goes to the Ugandan military, which is not free from it’s share of corruption!
    Save your money for an organization that is NON-PROFIT and AUDITED!

  8. tomdham says:

    Simply put:

    This is an Obama campaign ad! It is a scam to arm the Uganda military. It Obama’s collecting the hipsters and youth to back the placement of US troops into Uganda for OIL!

    Please read: “Critical Analysis of KONY 2012”


    Oh yeah don’t forget the cute TRACKING bracelets for you and your friend when you insert your Credit Card number.

    Look at the messenger, not the message.
    Kony is a bad person, no doubt, but he is NOT in Uganda.
    The Uganda military does enough rape and pillaging on their own.

    Research, research, research!!!!

    Take care and use reason and critical thinking before you open your wallet.


  9. Flo says:

    I vote for removing of this video!

  10. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    I am a dsigner, and I can tell this documentary is just too good to have been made by a single concerned individual. It looks like the work of a pretty sophisticated marketing firm- and some government agency for that fact. Koni might as well be a villain ( Africa is so full of them) but I just wonder if this is all about getting rid of this guy…. or something else. Why all this interest for what one guerrilla fighter is doing in Africa while there are so many other high profile murderers loose in the world? Isnt this about support for the militarization of Uganda? More guns in Uganda? Will that solve anything? Isnt this sowing the seeds for more war and inestability in central Africa?
    If YOU are intrested to find ou how the techniques used in this video have been developed to manipulate your opinion see “The Century of Self” documentary in You Tube.

  11. Pskawt says:

    Pure self indulgent tripe!!! 30,000 kids is alot of deaths, it is horrendous. It is also the norm in this world order. I wonder what this filmmaker thinks about, Gaza, West Bank, Morocco, Burma, Indonesisa, Liberia, Nicaragua, Cambodia, etc, etc, etc. Neo Liberals like this guy are so flippin’ annoying! Aaarrrggghhhhh

  12. Daniel in Boston says:

    I do agree, this documentary does have some issues left open ,,, but, has there ever been one that has not? It is always amazing that when Black People are involved, it is always a controversy of great proportions … but, if it were a few white kids raped and forced into murder, people are all united into stopping it … at least, this dude is doing something … all of you are such hypocrites.

  13. steven says:

    I know nothing about Uganda in particular, but the conflict there will obviously have deep historical, social and economic determinants. It seems therefore naive and superficial to suppose that the conflict can be stopped just like that, and that if it could be, that would make everything ok.
    Even if some major power sent a force to keep the peace, does that power have a magic wand to make the underlying determinants disappear? Are they willing to commit to Uganda indefinitely? Because the necessary commitment to economic development would need billions upon billions for decade after decade.
    And even if there was a power willing to do this in Uganda – what about the hundreds of other underdeveloped countries?
    The harsh truth is that Uganda, like every other country, must take responsibility for its own development. Charity fosters dependence.

  14. Amanda says:

    Can you even call this a documentary? What is it documenting besides one, very undocumented, opinion. I haven’t seen any facts in this documentary. A 45 second clip of Jacob crying, but no input from other children? Nothing from the Ugandan people? Adults? Other Ugandan activists? That seems ridiculous to me. This entire video is focused, and relies solely, on emotional manipulation. The worst kind of emotional manipulation as well, the kind that involves playing off the very impressionable mind of a 2 to 3 year old. This video is a serious of scenes that are intended to pull at your heart strings, and then impress a strong opinion in you based on sheer assumption, and a lot of it. You essentially must assume the entire story line. The breakdown of this movie is about 12 minutes emotional manipulation, and 15 minutes of telling you what you can do with your vaguely founded, newly discovered “passion”. I’m not buying it, and I don’t think anyone else should either until they get down to the nitty gritty of what’s really going on here.

  15. Safiyah says:

    The list of supporters had a negative effect on me: George W. Bush, Mark Zuckerburg, and Jay-Z?! Along with the connotation that this is a “facebook nation.” There needs to be help for all children in every nation because there is definitely a blood curdling scream coming from the masses of oppressed human kind. Travel, meet them, eat with them, and offer your hand to them. Be the link instead of living vicariously through another.

  16. lord of the foos says:

    This Invisible Children guys are backed by anti-gay, creationist, Christian right donors.

    Taken from Boing Boing: http://boingboing.net/2012/03/12/kony-2012-invisible-children.html

    For me it smells like scam spirit. I vote also for removing this.

  17. lord of the foos says:

    Good example of why it is not a good idea to give evangelicals money:
    US Army’s “Spiritual Fitness” Campaign and Uganda’s “Kill the Gays Bill” Linked


  18. terry says:


  19. terry says:

    But Kony and his diminishing troops, many of them kidnapped child soldiers, fled northern Uganda six years ago and are now spread across the jungles of neighbouring countries.
    “What that video says is totally wrong, and it can cause us more problems than help us,” said Dr Beatrice Mpora, director of Kairos, a community health organisation in Gulu, a town that was once the centre of the rebels’ activities.

    “There has not been a single soul from the LRA here since 2006.


  20. rohit says:

    Remove this video.

  21. James says:

    I’m all for freedom of information and letting people choose their own opinions. That being said this video is pure $HIT and has no place in the light of day.

    That’s my two cents. Spend it how you wish.

  22. christian says:

    smells like bullshit

  23. Denise Rae Groce says:

    People don’t care about black children, hence the nasty comments below! If these were white children, those same commenters below wouldn’t even bring up banning this film! They would setup fund rasiers and send aid, and when it involves children of color, it is considered a scam and ” pure BS” by people just like the “outraged” commenters below!

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