The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution

A Radical New Sharing Economy

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The slow down in economic activity has increased dissatisfaction toward government institutions while germinating extreme political movements around the world. To make matters worse, scientists are predicting that global warming will produce a mass extinction of life on Earth.

An economical and social theorist by the name of Jeremy Rifkin serves as an advisor to the European Union and the Peoples Republic of China. He is also an architect of their Third Industrial Revolution plans. According to Rifkin, GDP is slowing down all over the world and the reason for this is that productivity is slowing down too. As a result unemployment levels have reached an all-time high, particularly among the millennial generation that is just entering the workforce. He states that economists have predicted that this slow rate will last for the next twenty years.

Although half of the human race has benefited from the industrial era by becoming better off financially than their forefathers, there’s still the other half that is actually doing much worse than previous generations did.

The combined wealth of the 62 wealthiest people on Earth is equivalent to the accumulated wealth of half the human population. This highlights the dysfunctional way in which human beings have organized their economic relationships.

This economic crisis has given rise to an environmental crisis because the creation of this industrial way of life produced massive contamination of natural resources.

Climate change actually changes the Earth’s water cycles. For every 1º that the planet’s temperature goes up, the atmosphere is sucks up 7% More precipitation from the ground. This causes water events that are outrageously violent like floods, hurricanes and snowstorms but which occur with less frequency.  This decrease in frequency also means more droughts. In other words, climate change is dramatically altering the water cycles, making terrifying weather the new norm.

Scientists warn that we are now in the sixth extinction event. What this means is that over the next seven decades we could lose over half the species that now live on Earth. The enormity of this tragedy is beyond our understanding.

What can we do? According to Jeremy Rifkin we need a new economic vision for the world that is compelling and a game plan to deploy that vision as quickly as possible in both developing countries and industrialized nations. How? Watch this thought-provoking documentary now.

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9.34/10 (29 votes)

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