The Wolf Dividing Norway

The Wolf Dividing Norway

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There is a high level of conflict between environmentalists and those opposed to wolves. Farmers are allegedly losing large percentages of their flocks to wolves, but on the other hand, the wolves are considered an endangered species and there are those demanding their protection. As it stands, some locals feel like they are being forced to commit illegal acts in order to protect their livelihood.

One environmentalist believes that we are creating a world that is out of balance and this will bring dire consequences in the future. According to him, humans are in the habit of focusing only on their own needs and that is a dangerous mentality. He believes the wolves belong in Norwegian nature and it’s up to us to learn to live with them.

In 1971 wolves became a protected species after excessive hunting had almost exterminated them completely. However, after much debate, it was decided that the wolf should be culled. The wolf population is now down to about 70 animals and the debate continues, while other countries criticize Norway for not being able to handle such a tiny population of wolves.

An opponent to the wolf policy believes that although wolves might be endangered in Norway, there are other parts of the world where they are not. He states that wolves reproduce efficiently over a large area and they are actually not needed in Norway. According to this man, it makes no sense to sacrifice business, farming, and livestock because of wolves.

The extremists on both sides are demanding that their requests be taken into account. They have resorted to bullying, threats, and open hostility against those who hold opposing views. What are the solutions to this problem? Should the government compensate the farmers who have lost livestock to the wolves? Should hunters be allowed to reduce the already endangered population of wolves? Is this issue even about wolves? Watch this film now.

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6.83/10 (6 votes)

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