The Shape of the Future

The Shape of the Future

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The constant war in Israel/Palestine breaks my heart. I have my own opinions, but rather than take sides and get caught up in a debate that seems to have no end in sight: I will take this opportunity to present a documentary that has one goal in mind: PEACE. Peace that does not threaten the existence of either party.

The documentary looks at a potential solution to the unrest and is grounded in a two state solution: an autonomous Israel and an autonomous Palestine. The theory goes: agreements ARE possible and they do not have to threaten the security or freedoms of either people. Yes, trust and respect is essential. Yes, it’s unlikely. Yes, it’s possible.

I was very impressed by how this documentary didn’t favor either side of the conflict. Often, when someone tries to be completely neutral they end up skewing reality. There are facts that cannot be denied: the United Nations offered a two-state solution back in 1948 that the Jews accepted. The Palestinians refused and declared war and – incredibly – the brand new Israel defeated all of the neighboring Arab nations. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if even this fact is questioned. The Shape of the Future sidesteps the debate and looks for solutions. This very positive message should be shared with your children and friends on both sides of the conflict.

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5.92/10 (13 votes)

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2 responses to “The Shape of the Future”

  1. Roy says:

    It’s sort of like having two children in a room upstairs constantly throwing shoes at one another. At first you are concerned, what if one of them gets hurt? Then as time passes your concern turns to annoyance since no end of the conflict can be seen and the noise of it begins to drive you bonkers. Finally after decades of shoe throwing, annoyance turns to apathy as you find it more convenient to simply ignore the ruckus.

    I am somewhere between annoyance and apathy and I remain unconvinced the situation can change. What we are seeing in Palestine is the most recent wavefront in a shockwave traceable back to the First World War and perhaps before. When millions of people die, it doesn’t just stop. Its like dropping a bowling ball in a pond. Effects spread out and move with such force that one person is as likely to stop them as a crab is to halt a tsunami.

    The situation is further exacerbated by the difficulty of convincing a people who have been brutally oppressed for millennia that they to can be the oppressor.

    • Brad Lancaster says:

      i feel like these two peoples faiths are being used to manipulate them into a long proxy war. just like your saying started long ago. no ones really to blame any more, but it’s pretty set, and has been in motion for a long wile to go still. each time there borders where imposed, out side nations took it on them selfs to set it up one way or another. some one was imposing them for these two places to exist this way, and that doesn’t excuse die hards for putting innocent people in harms way. maybe every one will leave the middle east except the die hards. they will do it up them selfs, why not love they niebour and not fight over front row seats. why not sit in the back with the cool people. Americas the answer move to the states, you could also try canada if the states doesn’t work out. I think we mess. one time I was really baked and drove into michigan and drove back out no big deal. the us side was quiet the canada side was there to ask me which way i was going and that was that. If i where paying attention I’d notice the speed zones changing but that wasn’t a big deal for a bit. So we crossed back into a country we didn’t know we left! next time some one in the middle east gets high just move to canada and vote for us lazy canadians and help us get that sticky icky. come on lets just get a bong. yeah I got worked up about this again then got baked, World peace…

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