The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow

The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow

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Dr. Temple Grandin has a unique ability to understand the animal mind – and she’s convinced her skill is down to her autistic brain.

Temple believes she experiences life like an animal. Her emotions are much simpler than most people’s and she feels constantly anxious. It’s this struggle with overwhelming anxiety that led her to discover just how much she has in common with animals and, in particular, cows.

Using her ability to observe the world through an animal’s eye, she has been able to make an enormous impact on animal welfare. Her greatest achievement has been in the area of slaughterhouses – she has fundamentally changed the way animals are held and slaughtered.

Today she’s an associate professor of animal science, a best-selling author and the most famous autistic woman on the planet. This is her story.

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7.38/10 (8 votes)

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3 responses to “The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow”

  1. Tina t says:

    First of all, thanks for stopping by my video blog. Quite a variety of documentaries you have here. This video was very strange yet fascinating. I’m not sure what I think about her deep understanding of cows, but I respect what she’s done as an advocate for them.

  2. Maestra Sierra says:

    It’s nice to meet someone else with this ability (I don’t know how else to call it, sorry). I have this similar ability but more with reptiles and insects/arachnids. I don’t know why I have a fear of bugs yet I can’t seem or bare to kill them. Roaches in particular seek me out. Somehow they think I could protect them. They don’t fear me even when I threatened them, though I think they could sense out my bluff. I do have some connection with the bugs and reptiles. I dealt with numerous of bugs even venomous kinds without any issues with them and some of the males of the species, such as one particular male Rhinoceros beetle who tried to court and later mate on my hand. It’s a very extreme strange case but it’s still vivid in my mind. Anyways I could understand where Dr. Temple Grandin is coming from and her deep (almost spiritual) connection with cows. She has done so much, not just for the cows, but for humans as well… as we all know a healthy, untortured, happy cow makes one tastier burger still. :) Thank you for posting this doc up.

    • Maxine Godfrey says:

      you are lucky to have this ability. i have an affinity towards roaches, too, even though they — as do most insects — scare me. despite my fear, i love insects; they are nature’s washroom attendants, some of them, and some, like the wasp that lives in the oak tree and from which printer’s ink was made for centuries, are useful to Mankind in surprising ways. i’ve been a fan of Temple for decades. i empathize strongly with her “cow’s-eye view” as she puts it. it is the essence of empathy.

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